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Sri Bramalingeshwara Temple Hosakatte

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The Temple is within half a kilometer to the west on the bank of the holy river “Seetha” and in the distance of 32 Kms from Udupi, the sacred land of Lord Krishna “Shree Kshetra Hosakatte” has an antiquity of 800 years. Shree Brahmalingeshwara the main deity and the subsidiary deities of the ‘Kshetra’ have been fulfilling the prayers of the devotees with good health, peace and prosperity, happiness and enjoyment in their lives

The temple authorities have taken up a project of about 19.5 lakhs according to the convenience of the devotees. This project consists of a dining hall with an area of 86’X 36′ in the ground floor and an auditorium ( Sabhangana) of the same area with the main door in Ist floor. The first stage of the auditorium as per the Vasthu, at the cost of Rs 12 lakhs has been completed as shown.

We would like to bring the following works, which are to be taken up, for the development of the temple, to the notice of the devotees.
1) Completion of Hebbagilu, Auditorium and Dining hall ( approx. Rs. 7.5 lakhs)
2) Renovation of Garbhagudi ( Approx. Rs. 5 lakhs)
3) New Pooja Bahvan – 86′ x 36′ as per vasthu ( Approx. Rs. 3.75 lakhs)
4) Laying the stone planks to the inner ‘Prakara’ ( approx. Rs. 1.5 lakhs)
5) Compound around the temple with a garden (approx. Rs. 80,000)
6) Mahadwara (On main Road side. approx. Rs. 85,000)

you may opt any of the works mentioned above the cost and the said work will be named after you or the name suggested by you.

Since these projects cannot be completed with the help of the local devotees alone, we make this appeal to you and request you to donate generously for this noble cause.

Shri K. Balakrishna Hegde,
(A. M. Tiles and bricks)
Hon. President

Shri A. N. Prakash Rao, B.E, MBA,
(Consultant Automobile)

The members Renovation Committee and local public

Hariprasad Shetty, B. E. (Civil)
Padmashreee Construction, Katapadi

Note: Donations may directly be credited to the Joint. S. B. A/c No. 12060 of the renovation commitee, Shree Kshetra Hosakatee, Mundadi with Syndicate Bank, Kokkarne with an intimation to the Secretary of the Committee who will send the official receipt to the Donors

Shaswatha Pooja Scheme
For a day pooja every year: Rs. 350/- ( You have to pay only once)
For a week pooja every year: Rs. 2425/- ( You have pay only once)
For a month Pooja every year: Rs. 10, 320 ( You have to pay only once)

The Pooja/ Poojas will be performed in your name on the day/ days mentioned by you and the ‘Prasadam’ will be sent to you every year.

Shri M. Vishwanath Shetty, M.A., B.Ed.,
Shree Kshetra Hosakatte
Mundadi, Post Kadoor, Kokkarne – 576 234
Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India
Phone: 91 820 2598613, 2562235
E-mail: vishumundadi@rediffmail.com



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