Tourist Places in Kundapura


Anegudde – This place known for its Ganapathi temple is 32 kilometres from Udupi. It is known as Kumbhashi, It attracts several thousand visitors everyday.

Shankaranarayana – Located about 32 kms to the east of Kundapura, it is traditionally called as Krodha Kshetra and is one of the seven places of pilgrimage in the region, referred to in the Skandha Purana.

Basrur – Many temples are located here on the southern banks of River Varahi.

Hoovinakere – It is the birthplace of the philosopher Vadiraja, who preached Dwaita philosophy after Madhwacharya.

Koteshwara – The Koteshwara temple is a historical and religious centre.

Hattiangadi – Another well-known place of Lord Ganapathi. There are many other ancient temples too.

Hosangadi – Located 42 kms from Kundapur, this is the place where the Varahi project site is. Bidanur rulers ruled Hosangadi earlier.

Kamalashile – It is a nature lover’s spot, as it is infested with streams, thick forests and much more. The holy temple of Brahmi Durgapareshwari is located here.

Trasi – It is a beautiful seashore, 12 kms north from Kundapur.

Maravanthe – A drive along the NH-17 towards the north, to Maravanthe proves to be truly memorable. Maravanthe (Kundapura taluk), about nine kms east of Kundapura is one of the most beautiful spots of South Kanara along the east coast. where on the western side, the Arabian Sea is stretching, while on the eastern side, runs the Saurpanika River and in between them passes the west coast road, dividing the sea and the river.

Kirimajeshwara – Located about 22 kms from Kundapura. Kirimanjeshwara, has the Kirimanjeshwara temple amidst beautiful surroundings. There is another old temple called the Agastyeshwara temple, named after Sage Agastya.

Kollur– It is one of the Shakti Peethas established by Adi Shankaracharya. Kodachadri hill at the backdrop is trekkers’ paradise.Ottinene – This is a sunset point on the seashore. The Kshitija Nature Resort, a beach, sunset point are the favourite spots of travellers here.

Arisinagundi – is a waterfall at the feet of Kodachadri hills.


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