Tourist Places in Udupi

Udupi is the best tourist destination with temples and beaches and water sports. Find best tourist places in Udupi and Mangalore district.

Tourist Places Udupi
Tourist Places Udupi

Shri Krishna Temple
Among the several disciples of Sri Madhva, eight monks were jointly and severally made responsible for conducting the daily worship of Lord Krishna at Udupi, besides the usual duties of monkhood. These eight direct disciples of Madhva established separate lines of their own by ordination, and these eight lines of ascetic came to be known as the Eight Maths of Udupi. more…

Malpe – Malpe a natural port, about 4 kms to the west of Udupi, is an important port of the Karnataka coast. It is situated at the mouth of the Malpe/Udyavara River. The place has fascinating natural scenic view. It has been a centre of commercial activities for a long time.

St Mary’s Island – St. Mary’s Isles are a group of small islands to the north of Malpe. They are just a few scattered projections of rock raising out of the western or Arabian Sea a round Malpe. Boats are available to go the island from Malpe.

Ambalpady – Situated 3 kms away from Udupi, Ambalpady is a well-known Shakti kendra. The 500-year old temples of Mahakali and Janardhana are famous.

Kaup – A hamlet about l2 kms south of Udupi, Kaup is situated on the coastal belt, which passes through the west coast National Highway. It has an old lighthouse, the guiding star of navigators who are warned of the presence of dangerous rocks in the sea. There is also an old ruined fort. The place is known for its temples of goddess Mariamma. The Jaina Basadi there is in ruins and so also an old Janardhana shrine.

Perdoor – There is an ancient temple of Ananthapadmanabha. Perdoor About 19 kms east from Udupi. is a known for Yakshagana.

Brahmavar – Situated about 13 kms north of Udupi, it is an ancient cultural centre of the region being adjacent to Barkur, The three main temples Mahalinga temple, Gopinatha temple and Janardhana shrine.

Barkur– Barkur a hamlet of Kachur village is about 16 kms. to the north of Udupi. The place has several temples containing inscriptions of historical value.

Shiriyara – A historic place 8 kms from Barkur, well known as Mekkekattu, is famous for the beautiful wooden idols.

Mandarthi – Located 26 kms northeast of Udupi, Mandarthi has the famous Durgaparameshwari temple, which is an important centre of Shakti worship.

Nilavar – Situated on the banks of River Seetha (Seethanadi), this scenic place attracts thousands of devotees for holy bath during vrishcika maasa panchami.

Kota – Known for the historically famous Amratheshwara temple.

Vandar – A historical place known for the Kambala sport, which takes place every year on December 12th.

Padubidri – About 26 kms. from Udupi on the Udupi – Mangalore Road, it has a Brahmasthana, a Mahalingeshwara temple and a Mahaganapati temple. A religious festival called the Dakke-bali is held in the Brahrnastha here once in two years.

Places to Visit in Udupi and Mangalore


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