Syed Madani Dargah


Ullal has the well-known dargah of saint Syed Mohammed Sheriful Madani. It is said that he came to Ullal from Medina about 400 years ago and camped in the mosque at Melangady of Ullal village and later married a local girl residing at Holakere of the village. He is credited with having performed several miracles and won admiration of the people.

The month-long ‘urus’ festival is held to commemorate him, at his tomb in Ullal once in five years. This is continued even now and attracts a large number of people of various castes, class, creed and communities.

The dargah, which was originally built shortly after the saint’s death, was renovated and expanded four times. The present magnificent structure was constructed in 1970 and was designed by architect Fiazuddin Ahmed of Hyderabad.

An Arabic College with an attached hostel and an Arabic High School at Ullal and eleven other Arabic schools at different places are being run by the management of the Syed Madani Dargah.

Jumma Masjid Zeenath Baksh
The Jumma Masjid Zeenath Baksh situated in the Bunder area is a notable mosque. It is said to have been originally built several centuries back by early Arabian visitors who had landed on the west coast under the leadership of a saint named Malik Deenar. The mosque must have undergone several structural alterations in the course of subsequent centuries. It is stated that this place of worship was given the present form at the instance of Tipu Sultan towards the end of the eighteenth century. The wooden pillars, pulpit etc. in this mosque have exquisite and delicate ornamental carvings which are worth-seeing.

The Idgah Mosque on the Light-House Hill near the St. Aloysius College is a quadrangular structure where the Muslims of Mangalore offer the Idgah prayers after a mass procession which begins from the Jumma Masjid, Bunder. The Idgah Mosque is said to have been got constructed by Tipu Sultan towards the close of the eighteenth century. The Shamir Mosque in Dongarakery, which appears to be about two centuries old, has a dargah attached to it where the mortal remains of saint Shah Amir lay buried.


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