St. Mary’s Island Malpe

World's only pillar type rock cutting in St Marry's Island. Weekend Vacation near to bangalore

St Mary's Island Malpe

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St. Mary’s Island Malpe, Udupi (Latitude 13° 20′ 60″ N; Longitude 74° 40′ 60″ E ) are a group of small islands lying a little to the north of the Malpe port of Udupi Distruct. 7 Kms from Udupi city with good transport facility available. Vasco-da-Gama landed in 1498 on one of these islands which he called `EI Padron de Santa Maria’. It is from this that these islands got their present name. They are just a few scattered projections of rock rising out of the western or Arabian Sea around Malpe.

st mary's island MalpeHow to reach St. Mary’s Island Malpe

Adveturus journey through boat to Island. 20 minutes travel from Malpe port to St Marry’s island with amazing travel experience by sea. Malpe is 4 km from Udupi town and 58 km to the North of Mangalore. From the Mangalore airport, prepaid taxis are available.

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St. Mary’s Island Malpe, Udupi is one of the rare pillar type rock cut. White sand island is for your perfect vacation destination. Boat travel through Arabian Sea will make your journey exciting traveling through Arabian sea in the west coast region of Karnataka.

st mary's island MalpeThe northern-most island is about a square mile in area and not more than 250 yards in width. It has coconut gardens which make it the shadiest of all the islands and give it a true South Sea colour. The island is noted for its famous basalt rocks which Kulkunda, where a large cattle fair is held at the time of the have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic. Perhaps, this is the only spot in India where basaltic rocks show up such peculiar formation.

It is a really geological monument and tourists heaven.

The islands hold out possibilities of being developed into a popular holiday resort.


  1. Whats is the timing for St Mary’s Island boating?
    Ans: Boating starts at 9:00 am and till 5:00 pm we operate. We can’t travel beyond 5:00 pm. You can book tickets anytime 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.
  2. What is the Pricing for St Mary’s Island boating in Malpe?
    Ans: Charges for Boating to Island is Rs. 350 per person and Rs. 150 for kids of 3-10 years.
  3. How Can I book boating?
    You can call us at 8494983557 or schedule you time through this link Book Now
  4. Do we get food in St Mary’s Island?
    Ans: We you get food in the Island.

Daily Trip to St. Mary’s Island ( 9.00 am to 5.00 pm )
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    Very good experience.. Must try water sports in St. Mary’s Island… It was adventurous and very great experience. We played all the water sports there and enjoyed it ….


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