Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Ajekar

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Ajekar parish was part of the large Attur, Karkal parish and the parish priests of the Attur church catered the needs of the place. There was a great need to build a church and establish a parish as it was not possible for the parish priest of Karkala to meet all the needs of the catholic families. A priest used to come for liturgical celebration on Sundays and feast days from Attur until the year 1921. And the liturgical celebrations were conducted in a provisional sheds.

In 1922 Mr David Lobo, a catholic living here in the area, had offered a plot of land for the construction of a church. Under the guides and supervision of Rev. Fr Salvadore D’Souza, then parish priest of Attur, Karkala the building of the church began. But it took a long time until the church building was completed due to the various difficulties. In 1935 the church building was completed and was inaugurated.

On December 8, 1940 almost five years after the inauguration of the church building, Bishop Victor R. Fernandez established this church as an independent parish. At that time it had 90 Catholic families. On January 5, 1941, Fr Marcel G. Menezes took charge of the parish as the first parish priest.

The church was repaired and renovated several times to meet the needs of the people und the leadership of various parish priests. The major change came to the parish when Fr Ligoury D’Souza was the parish priest, when the electrification of the church was done in the year 1960. There was a major renovation under the leadership of and Rev. Fr Leo Veigas. The parish church celebrated its golden jubilee in 1990.

At around 2009 the parish felt the great need to build a new building and under the leadership of Fr. Valerian Fernandes the new Church building was built. And the old Church building had to make place for the new building. In the year 2009 the Old Church building was torn down. And on Thursday, Apirl 2010 new Church Building was completed and inaugurated.

In 2011 the bell tower was erected under the leadership of Rev. Fr Kiran Pinto and was completed in the 2012.


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