St. Francis Xavier Church, Udyavara

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Traditionally, where ever there live a number of Christian families is a group or otherwise, they feel it is their first duty is to establish a church for the community prayer and a school for their children. Accordingly the Christian families of Udayavara built a modest church near Chembukkall rock sometimes in ad 1873and dedicated the same in the honour of St. Xavier. As the place as soggy, the structure collapsed after some years. The people met together and decided to acquire a new place to build a new church.

The community consisting about 50 poor petty agriculturist families started to work under the leadership of their parish priest Late Fr. R. A. F Macarena’s. He was a saintly man, had no money in hand. Legend says when the work started he stood before the statue of St. Xavier with a few coins in hand and prayed the saint to help him in the task, for his honour and for the greater glory of god

While the priest went to collect funds (Biksha) outside the village the men folk remained at site on dedicate work. the womenfolk it is said, used to collect a first full of rice daily, bring the same at the church site, on Sunday, put it for auction for the purpose of raising funds.

After a strenuous period of about 3 years of dedicated scarification human labour, almighty god blessed the community with a new church building. The Greco-Roman style edifice is said to be a marvel in this region. There was no geologist, architectures nor civil engineers with blue print to help the confident masteries in the task. The church was finally blessed and opened sometimes in 1909 by the lordship the then bishop of Mangalore for Christian worship only.

The very sight of their holy church inspires faith and love of god and side by side, the blessed dignity of dedicated human labour charity and hope.


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