Maravante Beach

Maravanthe Beach
Maravanthe Beach

A drive along the NH-17 towards the north, to Maravanthe proves to be truly memorable. The gurgle of the waves, the soft gentle breeze kissing your cheeks and a round ball of crimson in the horizon transforms Maravanthe into a breathtaking fairyland.

Maravanthe (Kundapura taluk), about nine kms east of Kundapura is one of the most beautiful spots of South Kanara along the east coast. It is an enchanting place, where on the western side, the Arabian Sea is stretching, while on the eastern side, runs the Saurpanika River and in between them passes the west coast road. Thus only a road divides the sea and the river. Though the river has come down very near to the sea as near as 40-50 feet, it does not join the sea there. It looks as though the sea is higher in level than the river, which joins the sea at Gangolli about eight kms south of this site

On the eastern side, is a fascinating panorama of coconut palm, green fields and evergreen forest of undulating countryside with the backward of the Kodachadri peak on the Western Ghat present itself with varied scenic beauty. There is a good scope and facility for boating both in sea and in river. Just on the bank of Saurpanika River,there is a Varahaswami temple with three cells which have Varaha, Narasimha, and Janardhana. The place has also a temple of Brahmalingeshwara. There is a proposal to develop Maravanthe as a major tourist spot.


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