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Sri Siddivinayaka Temple, End Point, Manipal

One of the 7 Mukti Kshetras of Coastal Belt of Western India, which is also called as Parashurama Sristi is Udupi. It is also birth place of the famous Saint Madhvacharya who has introduced the Dwaitha Siddantha. There are so many big and small places of divinity like Pajaka Kshetra, Kunjarugiri, Vadabandeshwara. There is a place which was not so recognised until 1996 is Krishnangaraka Chaturdashi Snana Ghat at the banks of River Swarna situated on the way Manipal to Kallianpur near Shivalli Shimbra. On the day of Krishnangaraka Chaturdashi, the holy Ganga will be arriving at this place. Therefore, the Acharya’s of Ashtamath come to this place on that day along with their disciples for the holy dip. His Holiness Sri Vadiraja Swamy in his books has written Vedachala Hradudbhootam Suvarnanko Suvarnayet Ahaso Jahya Manasya Shravayanthim Swanam Janan which means, if you have a holy dip in this place, you will hear the sounds of the burning evils you have performed all these day. Oh what a amazing place!!

If we go deep into the history long ago, His Holiness Sri Gaalava Rishi had performed tapasya here near the holy water. There was a Vinayaka temple nearby. The Rishi was performing pooja in the temple. Gradually when there was a big flood, the temple was flown away. A sailor got the idol and he gave it to Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple at Shivalli and it was kept along with the Mahaganapathi at Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple. When they had a Ashta Mangala Prashna it was told thet, this Vinayaka should have seperate temple and to be placed in the temple with “Punar-Pratishta”.
With the co-operation of the citizens of Shivalli Shimbra, on the goldenmoments of January 1996, the lord Sri Siddivinayaka was placed at the temple constructed fully by granite and also following all the vaastu shastra at the banks of river Swarna at Sri Krishnangara Chaturdashi Snan Ghat with “Brahmakalashotsava”. Since that day, Trikal Pooja is performed to the Lord. On the day of Sankashta Chaturthi, “gana homa” is performed and lot of people visit the temple. “Naga” is also placed at the Kshetra. Now it is a full fledged Kshetra.

For all the above, Rs 10 lakh spent. The daily expenses of the temple is around Rs.5000/- p,m. Since, there is no source of income, the Managing Committee is managing to spend the amount. But, it is a difficult task to continue the same for a long time.

Further, there are lot of pending plans, which is required by the Kshetra. The estimated cost of the same is around Rs. 25 lakhs. Pending works are:

  1. Pauli
  2. Naivedya Shale
  3. Godown
  4. Roof around the temple
  5. Dhyana Mantap
  6. Rebuilding of Snan Ghat
  7. Steps to Snan Ghat

We, the managing committee earnestly request you the generous followers of Lord Siddivinayaka to visit the divine place and contribute to the improvement of the Kshetra whole heartedly.

T Ajith Pai
Manipal Agencies
Shiribeedu, Udupi- 576101
Karnataka, India
Tel: 91 820 2520182, 2526467


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