Sri Puttige Math Udupi

Sri Puttige Mutt Udupi
Sri Puttige Mutt Udupi

The original pontiff of this Math was Sri Upendra Teertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhwacharya and the deity is `Sri Vittala’. Sri Bhuvanendra Teertha, the 23rd pontiff in this lineage, renovated the Sri Ananthasana temple premises. Sri Sudheendra Teertha, the 25th pontiff in this lineage received sanyasa in 1878 (Bahudhanya, Chaitra Shuddha, Navami) from the hands of Sri Vidyadhisha Teertha of Sri Krishnapur Math. His centenary was celebrated in Udupi pompusly on 24th March 1956. To commemorate this centenary celebration, a silver chariot was  built for Sri Krishna. The present pontiff, Sri Sugunendra Teertha the 27th in his lineage, was born in 1962 (Shubhakrithu Bhadrapada Bahula Thritheeya) and received sanyasa in 1974 (Chaandra Aananda, Chaithra, Bahula Dvirheeya).

He is publishes a Dharmic monthly magazine `Sugunamaalaa’. He has successfully completed his first paryaya during 1976-78. During his second paryaya (1992-94) he constructed the Geetha Mandir near Krishna Math

The Guru parampara of this Math

  1. Upendra Teertha
  2. Kavindra Teertha
  3. Hamsendra Teertha
  4. Yadavendra Teertha
  5. Dharanidhara Teertha
  6. Damodara Teertha
  7. Raghunatha Teertha
  8. Srivatsanka Teertha
  9. Gopinatha Teertha
  10. Ranganatha Teertha
  11. Lokanatha Teertha
  12. Ramanatha Teertha
  13. Srivallabha Teertha
  14. Srinivasa Teertha
  15. Srinidhi Teertha
  16. Gunanidhi Teertha
  17. Anandanidhi Teertha
  18. Taponidhi Teertha
  19. Yadavendra Teertha
  20. Kavindra Teertha
  21. Raghavendra Teertha
  22. Vibudhendra Teertha
  23. Surendra Teertha
  24. Bhuvanendra Teertha
  25. Yogindra Teertha
  26. Sumatindra Teertha
  27. Sudhindra Teertha
  28. Sujnanendra Teertha
  29. SugunendraTeertha (Present swamiji


Sugunamala is a monthly Digest published from Udupi and Bangalore by Suguna Trust under the spiritual Guidance & patronage of his Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra Threetha Swamiji of Sri Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samsthanam, Sri Puttige Mutt, Udupi.

(Kannada Monthly Digest)
Annual Subscription: Rs. 80/-
15 Years: Rs. 1000/-
Suguna Digest

Suguna Digest
Annual Subscription: Rs. 75/-
15 Years: Rs. 1000/-

Cheque / DD in favour of “SUGUNA DIGEST” payable at Udupi
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