Sri Krishnapura Math Udupi

Sri Krishnapura Mutt Udupi
Sri Krishnapura Mutt Udupi

Sri Janardana Teertha is the first pontiff of this Math and Kaliyamardana Sri Krishna is its deity. Besides this, Sri Madhwacharya had given Sri Narasimha deity also to Sri Janardana Teertha, his direct disciple. His successor, Sri Srivatsanka Teertha built a Math in Neramballi and installed the idol of Sri Gopinath there as per instructions obtained by him in his dream. The twenty sixth pontiff in this lineage, Sri Vidyamurthi Teertha built a Math in Krishnapur and installed the idol of Sri Rama and Sri Mukhyaprana there. The thirteenth pontiff Sri Vidyasamudra Teertha got built the biggest chariot known as Brahma Ratha. His successor Sri Vidyapathi Teertha was a reputed scholar and in Benares,

where he spent a number of years, he defeated a large number of his adversaries in philosophical discussions. He got built the Math in Padigar (suburb of Udupi). He passed away before the expiry of his senior pontiff. The thirty first pontiff Sri Vidyadhisha Teertha was a great scholar and a holy saint. The pontiffs of Pejavar, Shirur and Sode Maths and a score of other laymen received their higher education under him. He installed the idol of Sri Mukhyaprana both at Prayaga and Dandateertha. He got made a gold mantapam for the puja of his deity. He also renovated the Math in Krishnapur.

The pontiff of Sri Puttige Math Sri Sudheendra Teertha, received his sanyasa, from his (Vidyadhisha Teertha) hands. Sri Vidyapurna Teertha, the thirty second pontiff, got prepared a gold palanquin for. Lord Sri Krishna. He also renovated the Simhasana, Sooryashala & Chandrashala and got built the Gopuram of Sri Krishna Math. The sculptures depicting the ten avatars of Vishnu found on the top walls of the sanctum sanctorium were due to him. He also completely rebuilt one half of Chouki, Kitchen and the Well. He renovated the Maths in Padigar and Pejavar. He got built roads leading to his Maths in Krishnapur and Padigar. He also renovated the dilapidated temple at Padigar and installed Sri Vishnumurthi idol there. Sri Vidyarathna Teertha, the 33rd pontiff in this lineage, built a new Math at Ramanakatte near Manipal, and also renovated his Math at Udupi.

The present pontiff, Sri Vidyasagara Teertha, the 34th in this lineage was born in 1958 (Hemalambi, Phalguna, Bahula Ekadashi) and received Sanyasa in 1971 (Virodhikrithu, Jyeshtha, Shukla Dashami) and Sri Vidyasagara Teertha successfully completed his first paryaya during 1974-76. During his second paryaya (1990-92) his Third Paryaya in Sri Krishna Matha on 18th January 2006. he reconstructed Goshala and renovated Vrindavan and Krishnamath’s premises.

The guru parampara of this Math
  1. Janardana Teertha
  2. Srivatsankita Teertha
  3. Vagisha Teertha
  4. Lokesha Teertha
  5. Lokantha Teertha
  6. Lokapriya Teertha
  7. Vidyadhiraja Teertha
  8. Vishvavadiraja Teertha
  9. Vishvadhisha Teertha
  10. Vishvesha Teertha
  11. Vishvavandya Teertha
  12. Vishvaraja Teertha
  13. Dharanidhara Teertha
  14. Dharadhara Teertha
  15. Prajnamurthi Teertha
  16. Tapomurthi Teertha
  17. Suresvara Teertha
  1. Jagannatha Teertha
  2. Suresh Teertha
  3. Vishvapungava Teertha
  4. Vishvavaltabha Teertha
  5. Vishvabhushana Teertha
  6. Yadavendra Teertha
  7. Prajnamurthi Teertha
  8. Vidyadhiraja Teertha
  9. Vidyamurthi Teertha
  10. Vidyavailabha Teertha
  11. Vidyendra Teertha
  12. Vidyanidhi Teertha
  13. Vidyasamudra Teertha
  14. Vidyapathi Teertha
  15. Vidyadhisha Teertha
  16. Vidyapurna Teertha
  17. Vidyaratna Teertha
  18. Vidyasagara Teertha (Present Swamiji)

Sri Krishnapura Math
Car Street, Udupi – 576 101
Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 91 820 2520497


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