Sri Kaniyoor Math Udupi

Sri Kaniyoor Mutt Udupi
Sri Kaniyoor Mutt Udupi

Sri Rama Teertha, one of the direct disciples of Sri Madhwacharya, is the original pontiff of this Math. The deity is ‘Sri Narasimha’. The 23rd pontiff in this lineage, Sri Vidyasagara Teertha got the navagraha window in Sri Krishna Math covered with a silver sheet with 24 images of God embossed on it. Sri Vidyanidhi Teertha, the 27th pontiff got made the small chariot for Sri Krishna. Sri Vidyasamudra Teertha, the twenty-eighth pontiff got made a small chariot for Sri Krishna as a replacement for the one presented by his predecessor which had become too old by wear and tear.

The present pontiff Sri Vidyavarinidhi Teertha was born in 1931 (Prajotpathi, Shravana Bahula, Dwadasi) and accepted sanyasa in 1942 (Chitrabhanu, Vaishakha Bahula, Shasthi), He has successfully completed his second paryaya during 1982-84. He has taken a junior Swamiji Sri Vidyavallabha Teertha who was born in 1977 (Pingala, Ashwayuja, Bahula, Thritheeya) as his successor and accepted sanyasa in 1992. (Angirasa, Vaishaka Shuddha Shashti). Sri Vidya Teertha passed away during his last paryaya and his junior Vidyavallabha Teertha is heading the Math.

The guru parampara of this Math

  1. RamaTeertha
  2. Raghunatha Teertha
  3. Raghupathi Teertha
  4. Raghunandana Teertha
  5. Yadunandana Teertha
  6. Vishvatma Teertha
  7. Vishvanatha Teertha
  8. Vedagarbha Teertha
  9. Vagisha Teertha
  10. Varadapati Teertha
  11. Vishvapati Teertha
  12. Vishvamula Teertha
  13. Vedapati Teertha
  14. Vedaraja Teertha
  15. Vidyadhisha Teertha
  16. Vibudhesha Teertha
  17. Varijaksha Teertha
  18. Vishvendra Vibudhavandya Teertha
  19. Vibudhadhiraja Teertha
  20. Vidyaraja Teertha
  21. Vibudhapriya Teertha
  22. Vidyasagara Teertha
  23. Vasudeva Teertha
  24. Vidyapati Teertha
  25. Vamana Teertha
  26. Vidyanidhi Teertha
  27. Vidyasamudra Teertha
  28. Vidyavarinidhi Teertha
  29. Vidya Vallabha Teertha (Present Swamiji)

Sri Kaniyoor Math
Car Street, Udupi – 576 101
Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 91 820 2520622


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