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Sri Janardhana Temple Ambalpady

The Shrine of Sri Janardhana is a granite structure, built in the architectural style of the Chola period, supported entirely by stone walls at the outer edge of the shrine. It has been made water-proofwithout the use of any cementing material. As the devote enters the shrine, having crossed the wide courtyard and the outer Pradakshina Patha, he is rewarded with the blissful sight of Lord Janardhana standing with chakra, conch, mace and lotus in His four hands.
This is a full-fledged temple, containing all the items of the traditional temple architecture of Dakshina Kannada, such as theGarbha Griha, Teertha Mantapa, Pradakshina Patha, the frontal Bali stone, Dhwaja Sthambha, the outer Prangana, and a portico at the entrance. The annual car festival is celebrated in the Magha month of the Hindu calendar. This annual festival is marked by a unique and.thrilling ceremony, wherein the oracle possessed by Goddess Mahakali welcomes and dances in front of the person carrying the image of Lord Janardana, after he alights from the festival car.

The Shrine of Sri Mahakali, situated on the southern side of Sri Janardana, is facing the West. The image of Goddess Mahakali, holding chakra, conch, sword and a vessel(symbolic of a drink of demonic blood offered to her protruding tongue) in Her four hands.
The sight of this image of full human size, nicely carved out of wood, is most awe-inspiring, assuring, as it were, full protection to the righteous and frightful to the wicked. Six feet in height, this image dressed up with a saree and adorned with ornaments, bears a majestic look, brimming with life and motherly love.
Navarathri is the main festival of this shrine. Thousands of devotees attend in large-scale ‘Chandika Homa’ and mass feeding, conducted on the last day (Maha Navami) of the Navarathri festival for the welfare of all devotees. The shrine remains open to the visitors from 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM and the devotees can offer ‘Kukumarchna Seva’ throughout the day. This shrine provides a concrete evidence of the scriptural statement that Mother Durga and Ganesha readily respond to the prayers of devotees in the Kali Yuga.

A new shrine of Mother Goddess has been rebuilt in granite with all the grandeur of sculpture. Under the leadership of Sri Kumara Swamy Sthapathi from Karaikudi of Tamil nadu, the work was commenced five years ago and now it is nearing completion.
Dashavatar, Vasudeva carrying infant Krishna across the Yamuna river, Jatayu’s end,Maricha episode, the Sun episode from Tamil nadu are some of the prominent carvings. On the outer walls images of Navadurgas worshipped during the Navarathri festival have been sculpted. These images carved out of blackstone are worthy of consecration.
The images of Arya Durga, Ambika Durga, Bhagawathi Durga and a Mahishamardhini display excellent craftsmanship. The Darshana Mantapa, the building newly built a few years ago in front of the shrine of Mother Goddess has been beautified further with sculptural artifacts thus making the structure harmonize with the renovated shrine.
Two separate small shrines has been erected for the miner deities Kallukutiga and Shastavu. The temple complex now presents a glorious sight highlighting the sculptural acemen of ancient India.



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