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Enthusiastic volunteers visited the community members at their doors raising collections and donations. They were successful in securing donation of land for extension of the temple building. Donation in gold and silver was also liberal The progress of the temple thus reached sublimity.

Some of the mention worthy donations are:
1) Silver Mantapam inside the Sanctum and silver plating of the doors of Sanctum – Sri Kalsank Anantha Narayan Pai.
2) Silver plating of the inside Dwara (door) – Sri Alevoor Ramachandra Kini.
3) Silver Mantapam to Sri Vitobha Rukumayee deities and silver palanquin – Sri Kadbettu Subbanna Nayak.
4) Dwarapalakas – bronze statues – Sri Venkatesh Krishna Bhat.
5) Prabhavali for processional Deity – “Ten Samasthas” (members of the society).
6) Garuda Mantapa at the sanctum – Sri Upendra Ranga Bhat.
7) Marble stone furnishing of walls and floor of the Pouli at the entrance of the Sanctum – Sri Bapush Upendra Bhat by collection from devotees.
8) Vimana Rath – Sri Siddapur Ananthayya Prabhu.
9) Gold Covering of Sri Vitoba deity – Sri Laxman Nayak, Mumbai.
10)Kirita (Crown) set with 9 gems – Sri Raghavendra Krishna Bhat.
11) Gold covering of Sri Rakhumayee deity – Shravana Shanivara Bhajana Mandali
12) Padma Sarovara the temple tank – all devotees combined mite
13) Nearby Sandhya Mantap – Sri Kadbettu Krishna Nayak.
14) A piece of land measuring 3/4 acre, north-east of the temple for the performance of obsequies by members of the community – Sri Mundasi Panduranga Pai.
The list of donors thus extends endlessly. Though the then managing trustee (1930s) Sri Narasimha Vittal Baliga endeavoured to get a “Simha Dwara” (Main Door) and gopura constructed, it was accomplished under the leadership of Dr. U. Sundar Ram Pai during his tenure as Managing Trustee. The management of the temple was left in the hands of the hereditary Trustees in terms of the newly introduced H.R & C.E. Act 1927, under some exception. Proposals were being examined meanwhile for new constructions and renovation of dilapidated ones. For this purpose, a committee “Sri Lakshmi Venkatesha Imarath Samithi” was constituted under the leadership of Dr.U. Sunder Ram Pai. Donations were secured and collections made vigorously and the dream long cherished to have a “Simha Dwara” and “Gopuram” constructed was seen in reality. Along with it with much perseverance the construction of “Sri Sukrateendra Tirtha Sabha Sadan” also was possible. This and the adjoining hall were meant for the stay of Swamijis during their camps in Udupi. A spacious hall “Sri Varadendra Kala Mandira” also came up on the vacant site beside the temple with the help of members of the community in cash, kind and physical labour during construction. This hall could be utilised for various religious and social ceremonies and other cultural activities. This was inaugurated on 9.5.1955 by H.H. Srimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji of Kashi Math. The initial capital donation for the hall was from Sri U.K. Bhujanga Nayak. Electrification of the hall was done with the help of donation of Sri Pangala Satyendra Nayak. Sri K. Srinivasa Shenoy of Taj Mahal Hotel, Mangalore donated chairs for the hall. Sri Ammunje Ganapathi Sheshagiri Nayak & Sons financed the electrification of Sri Sukratindra Sabha Sadan, Sri Vittal Shantharam Kulkarni of Karwar for the electrification of the sanctum sanctorum and the surrounding “Poulis”. Sri Hariappa Shanbhag and sons helped in the electrification of the hall adjacent to Sri Sukratindra Sabha Sadan and the “Sandhya Mantap” electrification was done by Sri Padubidri Ratnakar Narasimha Kudva. Among the other surrounding halls:

1) “Sri Bhuvanendra Mantap” to the left of the “Padma Sarovar” tank was inaugurated by H.H. Sri Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Math.

2) “Sri Dwarakanatha Bhavan” – inaugurated on 7.10.1976 by H.H. Sri Vidyadhiraja Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Gokarn Math. The expenses were substantially met from the endowment made by Smt. Mudukatte Rama Bai of Udupi. This mantap has a hall and limited number of rooms for the stay of outside devotees.

3) “Sri Satchidananda Saraswati Sadan” – inaugurated by Dr. T.M.A. Pai, Manipal on 20.4.1975. The entire cost of construction was shouldered by Sri Tonse Devanna Mangesh Shanbhag one of the ten trustees.

4) “Sri Indira Kantha Mantap” – inaugurated on 29.12.1985 by H.H. Sri Vidhyadhiraja Tirtha Swamiji of Gokarn Math.

5) “Sri Kamalanatha Ranga Mantap” – inaugurated by H.H. Srimad Vidyadhiraja Tirtha Swamiji on 20.1.1985. This is a donation by Sri Harriappa Shenoy and family in commemoration of their relative Smt.Nagamma.

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