Mahathobhara Sri Siddivinayaka Temple, Udyavara

Mahathobhara Sri Siddivinayaka Temple Udyavara
Mahathobhara Sri Siddivinayaka Temple Udyavara

Udyavara (Udayapura), about 3 km away from Udupi (Rajathapeetha) was a historical town ruled by Alupa Kings. The eighth century Sri Siddhivinayaka Temple here, which is facing towards east, has a square-shaped pond in front of the main entrance, covered by steps in all four sides. The flagstaff, Mukhamantapa (portico), Pradhana Balipeetha (chief sacrificial altar), Theerthamantapa and Chaturasra Garbhagudi (sanctum sanctorum) are the best visible evidences to prove that this Temple belongs to eighth century. Since it was renovated for a number of times it is not easy to identify this Temple as one of the oldest Temples of the district.

The idol of Lord Vinayaka, which has just two arms and simple carvings, is in sitting posture. Devotees offer a unique seva for the deity called ‘Doni Panchakajjaya’ on Margashira Shuddha Chowthi every year. Residents of Nidambur Magane (consisting on eight villages) offer Navadhanya Panchakajjaya Seva once in a year. The tradition of offering Apoopa (Appam) in Mithuna Masa is also continued without fail.

Annual festival is celebrated for 12 days starting from the first day of Kumbha Masa. Maha Rathothsava takes place on the eighth day, followed by Avabhrutha Snana (the bath at the conclusion of a religious sacrifice) on the next day, where devotees carry the Bali Murthy (idol used in festive procession) on the chariot to Kadekar pond for offering a holy bath to the idol. ‘Kola’ for Kalkuda and Varthe (Parivara Daivas) takes place on the last two days.

We can also find the vestiges of Sri Mahishamardini shrine. Now the idol is preserved at Govinda Pai Research Centre, Udupi. The Siddharasa Mahalingeshwara Temple is also under the threat of being collapsed.


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