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Shri Veerabhadra Temple, Kinnimulky

Udupi is an important holy pilgrim town in the undivided Dakshina Kannada District in the old Madras province, presently divided as Kasargod District (in Kerala) Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District ( in Karnataka). Udupi is famous for the Lord Krishna Temple established by the famous Dwaitha philosoper Sri Madhwacharya. There are several other temples situated in and arround Udupi.

It is believed that the Padmashali’s in Dakshina Kannada originated from coastal Andhra Pradesh and migrated via Chennai, Kanchi and Madurai areas of Tamilnadu and settled in Dakshina Kannada about five to six centuries back. There are 16 Veerabhadra Temples in Dakshina Kannada spread from Kanhangad in the South to Barkur in the North. The Padmashali’s of the District remain members of one of the 16 Temples of the District.

During the year 2904 Padmashali’s of Udupi and surrounding areas like Bannanje, Shirva, Karandadi, Athradi, Parika, Mattu, Udyavara, Heribettu, Alevoor, built at Temple of their diety Sri Veerabhadra, in Kinnimulky. On the main road, very near to Swagatha Gopuram. The southern entrance to the Udupi Town.

During the last 100 years the Kinnimulky Veerabhadra Temple developed as a religious, social and cultural centre of the Padmashali’s living in Udupi and surrounding areas. About 350 householders are the members and worship in Sri Veerabhadra Temple, Kinnimulky as their Kuladevatha.

The main diety worshipped in the temple is Sri Veerabhadra. During the year 1997-1998 the Temple was renovated by the liberal contributions made the members of the temple and Public. Two more idols of Mahaganapathi and Shantadurga were installed during the renovation in 1998 and Temple has now developed as Shiva-Shakthi Kendra in Udupi. In addition to these idols there is a Naga Sannidhi in front of the Temple and Daivasthana of Dharmadevathas by the southern side of the Temple.

A sabha bhavana named Veerabhadra Kalabhavana was built during the year 1980-1987 by the Sabha Nirmana Samithi headed by Dr. S. Vysaraya Shettigar Mundkur, President Sri K. Mahabalesh Padmashali, secretary and Sri B. L. Padmashali treasurer and 15 other members. The Religious functions of the temple and other social and cultural functions are held regularly in the Veerabhadra Kalabhavana, which has a capacity of 500 seats.

Every year during Pournami day of Suggi (Meena) month the annual Mahothsava is held for 3 days. In addition special functions/poojas are held on Nagara Panchami, Rugupakarma, Ganesh Chathurthi, Deepavali, Karthika Amavasya and Mahashivarathri. During Navarathri, special poojas are held on all the 9 days with Chandika Parayana and on Durgashtami, Chandika Mahayaga is performed.

The temple is managed by a committee of 12 members headed by Sri Prabhashankar Padmashali Managing Trustee and President. For any information about the temple and poojas the devotees may please contact the following committee members:

Sri U Somappa Padmashali, Treasurer
Phone: 91 820 2524267 (O), 91 820 2527150 (R)

Sri U K Vasantha Kumar
Phone: 91 820 2522582 (R)

Sri Prabhashanker Padmashali
Phone: 91 8250 2525430 (R), 91 820 2529430 (O)

Shri Veerabhadra
Shri Shantha Durga
Shri Mahaganapathi Temple
Kinnimulky, Udupi – 57101
Karnataka, INDIA


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