Rathnagarbha Ganapathi, Ranganakere

Rathnagarbha Ganapathi Ranganakere
Rathnagarbha Ganapathi Ranganakere

You find the ruins of Rathnagarbha Ganapathi Temple at Ranganakere, three kilometre away from Barkur towards Mandarthi. It is said that rulers of Barkur province constructed the Temple and a pond, popularly known as “Rathna Kere’.

On knowing the meaning of the saying- ‘Ee Oorina Odeyana Hiriya Magana Koralu Muridu Karulu Bagedu Nodu.’ (Cut the throat and break open the stomach of the elder son (Ganapathi) of the Lord of this village -Shiva)- a wicked person cut the throat and break open the stomach of the idol Lord Ganapathi and robbed valuable jewels and diamonds, which were kept inside the idol. Leaving the shattered pieces of the idol on the ground, the thief flew away with the ornaments.

As the jewels were stored inside the idol, the deity is regarded as ‘Rathnagarbha Ganapathi’. We can also find the ruins of Sri Channa Keshava Temple here, but the miscreants have destroyed the sanctum sanctorum in search of the hoard (Nidhi). The Temple well has also been turned into garbage. People of Heradi village near Barkur have come forward for renovating the Temple.


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