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Kunjarugiri Sri Parashurama Temple

The story of Assassination of Kshatriya by Parashurama, the incarnation of Vishnu is well known. He conquered the Kshatriyas for 21 times and whole of Bharath came under him. Thus the purpose of this Avathara was completed. He gave the entire land won by him to a Brahmin “Kashyapa” by name for emancipation of killing the Kshatriyas. So the earth is called Kashyap also.

Parashuram, the immortal thought it unfair on his part to stay in the land of others and hence decided to ask some place for Samudraj for his penance. Parashuram threw his axe from the mountain. Sahyadri and Samudraraja receded from the point where the axe touched the earth and submitted the required land to parashuram.

The southern sapthakshetra are in the western coast. Among them Udupi is famous Parashuram choose Pajaka, a place 16 Kms away from Udupi for his penance, though Parashuramakshetra extends from Gokaran to Kanyakumari.

He established “Durgamatha” on the top of Vimanagiri, now known as Kunjargiri. Parashurama created four Thirthas, a pond of holy water. They are called Gadathirtha, Banathirtha, Parashuthirtha and Dhanusthirtha, in the four sides of Durga bette. It is belived that Parashurama is in deep penance in the cave in eastern side below the Durgabetta even today. All these description are found in the “Sahyadri” Kanda of Skandapuran

We can see a temple of Parashuram on the top of Rock hill by the side of Gadathirtha near Durgabetta. Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya also took his avatara in Pajaka, very close to the temple.

Various religious Programmes are undertaken by the Managing body of the temple to attract the pilgrims. But the old temple is in dilapidated condition and are badly in need of renovation. With a view to collect funds from philanthropist and to carry out the renovation work, a committee is formed.

The renovation of the temple requires a sum of Rs. 33 Lakhs. The committee appeals to all devotees and theists to donate liberally for construction of Parashurama Temple near Kunjarubetta, Udupi District, Karnataka.

The donation can also be credited to the renovation Committee’s SB Account No 32328 in Syndicate Bank, Car street Branch, Udupi Town

May God Parashurama shower his grace on all his devotees

Temple Being Renovated 

View of the temple on the hill top

Dr. K. Krishnaraj Bhat
President Renovation Committee
Kunjarugiri Sri Parashurama Temple
Kurkal – 574 105
Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India
Cell: 98860 93576

K Narashimha Upadhaya
Priest, Kunjargiri Sri Parashuram Temple
Kunjargiri, Kurkal 
Udupi District, Karnataka, India
Tel: 91-820-2559769

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