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Kunjaru Giri

Kunjaru is a small village belonging to Kurkalu Grama situated at about 6 kilometers from Udupi. On the of top the hill Kunjaru lies the temple of Durgadevi. The Goddess “Durga” is the deity of this temple. The temple is majestically situated above the top of the hill, which can be reached by the 257 steps. There is a road on the western side of the hill and makes it convenient for the movement of the vehicles to the top of the hill.

The quiet atmosphere of the surroundings coupled by its green vegetation gives the name- Vana Durge to the deity. Earlier one could find tigers also in the forest of this hill but now only Peacocks, Fox and Monkeys can be found. The greenery and the view from he hill which is at a height of about 100 feet is really good for both the mind and body.

The idol of the deity is placed at a height of about 3 feet inside the temple and the speciality of this place is that one can have darshan of Durga from the outside itself.

There is no natural water source at the top of the hill but there is a tap is provided which supplies water. As far as the water requirements of the pooja are concerned it is brought from the banathirtha (a natural water source).

Administration and Pooja: 
Keeping Sankramana in mind the pooja is performed by each family for 15 days. In this period the family has to stay in the temple for 15 nights. It is customary that at least 2 people should be resident in the temple keeping this in mind the door of the temple is made without a latch. 

There are five poojas daily which begin from 5.30 am to 8.00 pm. The deity is adorned with differently every day. The yearly celebration is during Navarathri. The people visit the temple for pooja more on Fridays. The dwajarohana is celebrated during Magashudda Trayodashi and carfestival on the full moon day.

The temple is also called as “Balisagara Magane”. It is believed that it accommodates about 12 Magane’s (groups belonging to particular area). Pilgrims from the neighboring villages – Kalmanje, Palli, Belle, Bilyar, Pajai etc visit the temple in large numbers.


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