Sri Kalikamba Temple, Upralli

Sri Kalikamba Temple Upralli
Sri Kalikamba Temple Upralli

Karasthala Jagadguru Sri Nagalinga Swamy and Sri Kalikamba Temple, Upralli

The Upralli Temple, just five kilometre east of Nagur on NH 17 near Kundapur, is situated amidst green fields and thick forests. Karasthala Jagadguru Nagalinga Swamy and Goddess Kalikamba are being worshipped here since time immemorial. This is one of the most popular Shakthi Peethas of Kundapur taluk. It is said that a miracle man (Pavada Purusha), Ayya Jagadguru (Sri Karasthala Nagalinga Swamy), who settled in Devimane near Moodabidre, left some spherical shapes of Vibhuthi (sacred ash prepared from cattle dung) in Upralli during one of his visits to Upralli. The five small spherical shapes of Vibhuthi are being worshipped in the form of Vishwakarma, while the bigger (which grows in size every year) is adored as the deity of Karasthala Sri Nagalinga Swamy. These deities are kept in two silver vessels (Supushta) and are worshipped on regular basis.

The Goddess Kalikamba is being worshipped here in the form of a Linga. Nagabana and Parivara Daivas also found a place in regular worship. Palke Baburaya Acharya, a Mangalorean, came here in 1948 and provided some paddy fields to the Temple as Jahageer (gift land) and made arrangements for regular poojas.

This Temple is covering about 1,500 Vishwakarma families belonging to 35 Maganes (villages) of Kundapur taluk. People belonging to these Maganes visit the Temple before fixing a marriage and place a fresh Hingara (Pingara or Areca flower) on the deities of Vishwakarma, Nagalinga Swamy and Kalikamba. Then they offer their prayers. If the Gods are pleased with the proposed marriage, the Hingara falls down as their blessings or otherwise remain unmoved on the deities. Newly married couples visit this Temple without fail.

Upakarma Homa, Hoovina Pooje (in Shravana Masa), Vishwakarma Yajna (on Kanya Sankramana), Chandika Yajna and special poojas during Navarathri are offered. Deepothsava is performed on Karthika Bahula Amavasye.

A plan has been prepared to renovate the deteriorated Temple sanctum sanctorum at a cost of Rs 50 lakhs. Managing Trustees VKS Seetharama Acharya, Venkataramana Acharya, and K S Venkatesha Acharya are taking the Temple towards prosperity.


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