Sri Adamaru Matha Udupi

Sri Adamaru Mutt Udupi
Sri Adamaru Mutt Udupi

The original pontiff of the Math is Sri Narasimha Teertha and the deity is Kaliyamardana Sri Krishna with four hands. The 29th pontiff in this lineage, Sri Vibudhapriya Teertha was noted for his spirituality, generosity and learning. During one of his paryaya he rebuilt one-half portion of Chouki, the special dining hall. He also renovated the Math cowshed, the main entrance of the Sri Krishna Math and Sri Chandramoulsewar Temple. He installed the idol of Goddess Bhagirathi in the Madhwasarovar. The present pontiff Sri Vibudhesha Teertha is the 31st in the lineage. He was born in 1928 (Vibhava Margashira, Bahula Triteeya) and accepted Sanyasa in 1945 (Parthiva, Jyeshta, Bahula Triteeya). He is responsible for building the High School in Admar. He has also renovated the Primary Sanskrit School building in Padubidiri. Besides he runs several ‘Schools and Colleges at Padubidri, Udupi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. During 1988-90 he got renovated the dining hall of Sri Krishna Math, constructed a public lavatory for the use of pilgrims and also an overbridge across Madhwa Sarovara.

In 1972 (Paridhaavi, Nijavaishaakha, bahula Panchami, he accepted Sri Vishwapriya Theertha as his disciple. Vishwapriya Theertha, born in 1958 (Vilambi, Aashadha, Shuddha Chathurdhashi has accomplished his first Paryaaya under the guidance of his senior (1988-90).

The Guru parampare of Adamar Math

  1. Narasimha (Narahari)
  2. Kamalekshana Teertha
  3. Ramachandra Teertha
  4. Vidyadhisha Teertha
  5. Vishvapati Teertha
  6. Vishvesha Teertha
  7. Vedanidhi Teertha
  8. Vedaraja Teertha
  9. Vidyamurthi Teertha
  10. Vaikuntharaja Teertha
  11. Vishvaraja Teertha
  12. Vedagarbha Teertha
  13. Hiranyagarbha Teertha
  14. Vishvadhisha Teertha
  15. Vishvavallabha Teertha
  16. Vishvendra Teertha
  1. Vedanidhi Teertha
  2. Vadindra Teertha
  3. Vidyapathi Teertha
  4. Vibudhapati Teertha
  5. Vedavallabha Teertha
  6. Vedavandya Teertha
  7. Vidyesha Teertha
  8. Vibudhavallabha Teertha
  9. Vibudhavandya Teertha
  10. Vibudhavarya Teertha
  11. Vibudhendra Teertha
  12. Vibudhadhiraja Teertha
  13. Vibudhapriya Teertha
  14. VibudhamanyaTeertha
  15. Vibudhesha Teertha(Senior Swamiji)
  16. VishwapriyaTeertha (Junior Swamiji)

Sri Adamar Math
Car Street, Udupi – 576 101
Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 91- 820 – 2520317, 2555314
Education institutions maintained and governed by
Sri Admar Math Education Council, Udupi
Poornaprajna College, Udupi


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