Fish Industry

Industries In Udupi


There are two kinds of markets for fish in the district: one is the market for fresh fish and the other is for cured and dried fish. A part of the catch is consumed locally, a part is moved inland (with or without ice) for sale in fresh condition and the rest goes for curing. Local retail sales of fish are often done by the fisher-women who may have either purchased it themselves or obtained it as the share of the labour of their men folk. In either case, the fish is carried by head-loads into the town, and nearby villages involving a walk of several miles.

In the villages, the fish are sometimes bartered for rice or other domestic requirements. Fish is also moved inland by bicycles from the coast in to towns like Karkala and Bantwal.

Over a distance of 90 and more miles. Mangalore is a good distribution centre for fish landed at nearby places. Fish comes into Mangalore by train from fish landing centres in the Kasaragod taluk (now in Kerala State) and by truck and bicycles from the landing centres in the north like Mulki and sometimes also from Malpe. With the establishment of through communication between Mangalore and other places in the north of the district along the coastline. More fish is moving into Mangalore from places like Kaup, Udyavaraand Malpe and even beyond. From Udupi trucks send iced-fish to Mercara. Chikmagalur, etc. Fish transported by trucks to inland towns like Puttur is taken to villages by cyclists. Similarly, fish is also transported from Malpe and Kundapura over the ghats to Sagar. Shimoga. Tirthahalli, Bhadravathi and other places, While the transport of fish by head-load and selling them locally- and in the nearby villages is generally done by the fisherwomen, the transport and marketing of fish on a larger scale is in the hands of non-fisher middlemen. Similarly, the trade in cured fish is also mainly in the hands of people who do not follow fishing as their avocation. Apart from the home market fish is exported from this district to foreign countries like Sri Lanka, Burma and Malaysia.


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