Yoga and Naturopathy


The word ‘YOGA’ is derived from the root ‘YUJ’ meaning union. It is a process of expanding and blending our individual personality with the all pervasive cosmic personality. Though philosophical in origin, Yoga can be integrated as a component of practical holistic living.

The Holystic concept of body mind medicine has introduced in yoga and spreaded towards all healing systems of medicine. Hence yoga with its very basic concepts of equilibrium in between body mind, the global scientists in medicine approved this system in healing sciences. The integral approach of yoga therapy brings balance at the physical, mental and emotional level.

The practice of yoga has been shown to enhance the accuracy of sensory perception, modifies the emotional aspects and activates highly evolved complex cortical functions.

The prime importance given in yogic sciences is to brain-mind complex, the physiological homeostasis of body-brain-mind complex. This complex system directly related to immune system.

Stress is the primary cause for all diseases and which interm leads in the cycle of distruction. It has been proved that yoga therapy achieves voluntory controle over the autonomus system by establishing an equilibrium between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through the hypothalamic system. Thus the proper skillful yogic procedure helps to have control over mind and to bring all functions of muroendo crinal, neuromuscular, Neuroimmunological and cardiorespiratory systems in equilibrium.

According to yoga therapy the physical symptom of disease starts due to the loss of harmony in the deeper sheaths. The precepitation of symptoms in the physical level, surely cannot cured unless the inner sheaths will get harmony. But we are seing the symptomatic cure, is not a real cure. It is nothing but instantly and temporarily suppressing the system. This process of suppression accumulates the impressions in the form of poisonous or chemical toxins and leads to incurable chronic disease or makes the system more vulnerable to many diseases by destroying the immunity. Yoga therapy cures the problems and not supresses the disease symptoms. Hence it takes long period of systematic therapeutic practice. The inner harmony not only cures the diesease, but it also improves the neuroendocrinal, neuromuscular, neuroimmunological and neurorespiratory system.

The realised hidden subtle forces improves the quality of physical, mental, emotional and social health. This is the basic fundamental factor in the preventive ,curative and promotive positive health and happiness.

There are two main concepts

1. Body-mind-spirit relation.
2. Five shealths of human existence.

a) Physical shealth (Annamaya Kosha)
b) Vital shealth (Pranamaya Kosha)
c) Astral shealth (Manomaya Kosha)
d) Wisdom shealth (Vijnanamaya Kosha)
e) Blissfull shealth (Anandamaya Kosha)


Astanga Yoga is basic foundation in practical therapeutic yoga. According to Maharshi Patanjali, the profounder of yoga –

  1. Yama – Practice of social discipline.
    a) Ahimsa – Non violence The emotional vibrations of the victim of violence causes suffering in the inflictor of violence.
    b) Satya – Truthfulness . It gives the supreme of an ethical life.
    c) Astheya – Non stealing prevents the origin, which leads to many negative emotions and actions.
    d) Aparigraha – Nonpossesivenes reduces the misery of so called ‘Have – not’.
    e) Brahmacharya – Celibacy or control over sense organs. The self becomes the master, the sense organs the servent. The reverse can be destructive.
  2. Niyama Practice of personal discipline
    a) Shoucha – Cleanliness leads to physical well being.
    b) Santhosha – Contentment – It improves the quality of life.
    c) Thapa – Continuous attempt without any interruption, with total dedication.
    d) Swaadyaya – Analysis of the self, interm of strength & weakness leads to develop the self.
    d) Ishwar Pranidhana – Total surrender to the creator.
  3. Asana – Yogic postures each procedure having special therapeutic effects.
  4. Pranayama – Disciplined & skilful breathing techniques as a tool to control mind and stabilise normal body functions.
  5. Prathyahara – To develop will power for withdrawing the senses.
  6. Dharana – Total concentration.
  7. Dhyana – Meditation.
  8. Samadhi – The ultimate state of bliss.
    The science yoga has been devised to tap and control hither to untapped tremendous positive natural powers.

The scope of yoga therapy includes

  1. Understanding the self and the basic forces governing life, to cope up with the stressful modern lifestyle.
  2. Understanding nature and principles of nature, to follow a natural diet.
  3. Understand social and personal discipline & hygiene.
  4. To develop the power of self analysis, therapy to know about the individual diseases and to develop self confidence and avoid frustration and depression.
  5. The therapeutic use of yogic asanas.
  6. The practice of the Pranayamas.
  7. The practice of concentration.
  8. The practice of meditation.
  9. The practice of yogic kriyas to cleanse the system and improve seneral health.
  10. The practice of yogic gestures to control the mind.The practice of yoga is promotive to mind & body health, preventing & curative to mental and physical imbalance & diseases.


Naturopathy is a system of healing in harmony with the constructive principles of nature on the physical, mental, social and moral planes of the individual being.

It is a holystic system of medicine; rather it is a life style with the objectives of upliftment of all levels of human potentialities, through which the total quality of health and happiness can be achieved and promoted. The concept states that human body is made up of the five great elements and all states of health and disease are governed by them. The human body is a miniature of the universe. It is operated naturally by the natural rhythm. The infinite power of nature directly acts on the human body in all conditions. So the violation of natures principles causes disease. Therefore the correction of the natural pathways only can make health possible.

The present trend of modern civilization has hampered our natural life style. Everything is now guided by the principles of technology and comfort with little concern for man’s natural values the accumulation of wealth is not so much hazardous as the unbinded means of accumulation of wealth. There men’s work against the natural flow of the being. This change in basic attitude has spoiled our life style and the state of health is declining day by day. Also in all walks of life, artificial practice in food, shelter, relaxation, thinking, has made man a machine and his emotional pattern is supressed highly ; this pushes towards the negative side; the problem is compounded by a deterioration in physical condition due to loss of natural resistance and immunity. Hence the ultimate result is an irreversible chain of events leading to disease effects on health. We have to awaken to the falt that the turning point in our very precious life is A return to nature. Unless we breaking the present style of life we shall continue to destroying our progenies by transferring weak and vulnerable genes. Hence we have to practice our life style comformity with the nature. We have to practice the natural way of life as much as possible. The system of naturopathy emphasises the need to obey the principles of nature thorough out the our life times.

The concept of naturopathy is basically on the principle of nature.

The basic natural principles strongly recommends

  • The body mind approach towards the disease holystic approach rather than the single unit specialisation etc.
  • Strongly believes the concept of natural immunity.
  • The remarkable healing power of the body and nature.
  • The concept of elimination.
  • All suppressed chemical agents are the root cause for further ill health.
  • Micro organisms are secondary causes for the disease, not primary.
  • Wrong food habits are also cause for disease.

Disease is due to

  1. Lowered Vitality.
  2. Abnormal composition of blood and lymph.
  3. Accumulation of morbid matters.

The health is depends upon

  1. Innervation.
  2. Nutrition.
  3. Elimination.

Various natural treatment modalities

  • Life style therapy – correcting total life style according to the holistic concept of health.
  • Diet and nutrition according to the disorders or for promoting natural health.
  • Hydrotherapy treatments for various ailments.
  • Therapeutic earth therapy (Baliotherapy).
  • Yogic therapy.
  • Chromo and Heliotherapy.
  • Accupuncture reflexology.
  • Massage Therapy.
  • Herbal Therapy.
  • Eliminative Therapy.
  • Eliminative Therapy.
  • Rejuvinative Therapy.
  • Psychotherpy.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Rehabilitative Therapy.
  • Stress Management Therapy.
  • Possitive Health management programmes

Acute, Chronic, Auto Immune Diseases, Tie with the scope of naturopathy.