What you should know about blood donation?



What it means to be blood Donor? 
You have about 5 liters of Blood in your Body. You donate only 300CC and spend only 15 minutes of your time. You need neither extra strength nor extra food to donate Blood. You will not feel weak and you can return to your job immediately after Blood donation.

Who may give Blood?
You will be asked to donate Blood. Only if you are declared medically fit and between the age of 18-55 years and not less than 40 Kg in weight.

How often can you donate Blood?
You can safely donate Blood once in every three months. Kindly bring your friend along with you.

Do you know that?
Blood has no substitute; it is not possible to manufacture Blood and it can come only from human beings. Your body replaces the lost blood within 24 to 36 hours in quantity and 2-3 weeks in quality.

Why should you give blood if you can afford to buy it?
The blood that you buy comes from professional Blood sellers who are undernourished, may carry a disease which can be passed on to your pacient. Are you willing to risk the lives of your dear ones? Further it is exploitation of the poorer section of the society and must be stopped.

What do you get by donating blood?
Any donation is noble. Donation of Blood is the noblest of all because it saves life and there is no better way demonstrate one’s compassion and generosity than by making a free gift of one’s own blood, to save another life. “Remember a little of your time means life for someone”.

Why do you donate Blood to Blood Bank of Kasturba Hospital Manipal?
Free Blood Donation once ensure you “Medicare” benefits at Kasturba Hospital Manipal for six months. If a donor or his immediate family member requires blood, this Blood Bank makes free gift of blood. You are welcome at Kasturba Hospital Blood Bank for Blood Donation.

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