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UDUPI is the heart of education & culture, is one of the foremost leading cities for healthcare facilities in India. The rapid industrial progress and the overall growth of Udupi city has resulted in the health related problems more so due to vehicular accidents and other Orthopedic Problems. Dr. Ramesh Naik & Mrs. Sadhana. R. Naik, the founder of New City Hospital & Institution Of Health Science. New City Hospital is one of the largest private Hospitals in Udupi established in year 2008, it has a capacity of about 150 beds, and is a superspeciality tertiary care Hospital offering care in all specialities and most superspecialities.

Special attention has been given to the design and aesthetics of different categories of rooms for the patient. Strategically designed health packages are a noteworthy feature of the hospital services. They have been planned keeping economy and the highest standards of quality under consideration, with an aim to benefit each and every stratum of society. The Hospital is equipped with modern Imaging modalities, New City Hospital, UdupiOperation theatres, ICUs, Laboratories, X – Ray, Ultrasound, Blood Bank and Ambulances are providing 24 hours emergency services. A non-invasive Cardiac Lab exists in this hospital, in which facility for TMT, Echo – Cardiography, and Pace Maker implantation are available. “The idea behind starting this hospital was to provide quality services to society at all times”

As our motto states.” In Love Serve One Another” we at New City Hospital strives to provide healthcare with Christ-like compassion. And in doing so, New City Hospital has become a part of the lives of the people in and around Udupi District.


There is a 24 hours lab which is well equipped to conduct all types of advanced tests.


Digital and Conventional
Special Radiological Investigations

  • IVP
  • HSG
  • Barium Studies

Ultrasound and Color Doppler:
Non Invasive vascular imaging
Color Doppler

Operation Theatre:
5 Spacious well equipped Operation Theaters, 2 high tech Image Intensifiers (C-arms) Laminar airflows and Hepa filters (Filters air particles up to 0.3 microns), Powered and pneumatic instrumentation. Latest instrumentation for Joint Replacement Surgery, Trauma Surgery and Spinal surgery. High-tech arthroscopic equipments including Camera, Shaver The latest operating microscope for various micro vascular surgeries. Separate central sterilization department in the O.T. Complex including a flash sterilizer. Separate Ultra violet light sterilized room. Separate pre-operative and post-operative recovery rooms with latest monitoring equipment. Each O.T. is equipped with a Boyle’s apparatus, pneumatic Orthopaedic table, Central oxygen and Nitrous oxide supply, central suction, laminar air flows and air conditioners. Well trained O.T. staff.

A well established Pathology Lab that is busy at all times, conductiong various Blood Tests and Lab investigations, under the guidance of specialized Pathologists, is situated on the ground floor, at the diagnostic center area. The salient feature ogf this lab is the high-Tech equipment available, and the emphasis on quality control on all tests, so that there is no scope for error. The input of Specimens, samples & patients to this Lab is enormous, and the staff is constantly busy performing tests and printing the reports.

It is open 24 hours and managed by senior doctors. A 24 hours fracture service is also available.

The medicines in the hospital pharmacy are procured from reputed companies based on doctors’  recommendations. The rates are economical as compared to the same brand, sold out side. The pharmacy functions round the clock.

Dietary provides food to the admitted patients. They also provide diet conselling to the patients.

Free car parking facility is available for patients and relatives. Extension counter of the Canteen functions round the clock near the Emergency Department Rates are subsidized.

Miscellaneous Facilities:
The Hospital has a Civil and Electrical maintenance division of CPWD and a hospital workshop Units for maintenance of buildings and its various equipments.If any major or essential equipment is out of order, information regarding the same is displayed. Indications of alternate arrangements are given wherever possible. The likely date of recommissioning of the equipment is also displayed. Wheel Chairs and stretchers are available on request at the gate of OPD & Casualty for the facility of patients who are not in a position to walk. Lifts are available for access to higher floors. Ambulances are available for hospital patients on payment, round the clock on all days. One Mortuary Van is available. There is standby generator to cater to emergency services in case of breakdown of electricity. Public Telephone Booths are available at various locations in the hospitals. Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available.

General OPD:
The OPD timings are round the clock. Boards indicating unit on duty on various days are displayed at receptions and in the main hall of OPD.

Facilities available at our hospital:

  • OPD, Medical, Surgical, OBG, Orthopaedics & Paediatrics.
  • In Patients(Deluxe ward, Sp. Ward, ssp. Ward, G.Ward)
  • 24 Hour Bio Chemical Laboratory.
  • X-Ray , ECG
  • Tread Mill Test
  • Colour – Doppler/ Ultrasound Scan
  • ICCU with Ventilator
  • Eye & Ear Surgery
  • Well Equipped Labour Theater & Operation Theater
  • Trauma Care Centre
  • Round the Clock Emergency Services
  • 24Hr. Pharmacy
  • Ambulance Services
  • Hygienic Canteen
  • Upper & lower G.I Endoscopies
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Laparascopic Surgeries + Appendicectomy + Cholecystectomy + Hysterectomy
  • Ample Parking area.

Our Doctors

Regular Doctors

Dr. Sadhana. R. Naik. M.D.(OBG)
Obstetrcian & Gynaecologist – (Proprietor)

Dr. Ramesh Naik, M.S.
Surgeon, Medical Director

Dr. Bhaskar Palan, M.D.(Medicine)

Dr.Celine Rodriguez, DCH

Dr.Madhusudhan Nayak, M.S(ortho)
Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr.Chandrashekara Somayaji, MBBS, DA

Dr.Ranjana K. M. BDS, F.A.G.E
Dental Surgeon

Dr. Vandana (Opthomology)

Visiting Doctors

Dr. P.V. Bhandary (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Ganesh Nayak, M.S (ortho)
Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Naveen Ballal (Radiology)
Dr. Deepak Prabhu (Radiology)
Dr. Namitha Prabhu (Radiology)
Dr. Tilakchandra (Radiology)
Dr. Archana Adiga (Radiology)
Dr. Donald Simon (Physician)
Dr. Ashok Kumar Okude (Physician)
Dr. Harikrishna Acharya (MD DA)
Dr. Ashok Kumar (Paeditraic)
Dr. Kumaraswamy (Paeditraic)
Dr. Althaf Khan (Urologist)
Dr. Purushotham Achar (Urologist)
Dr. Padmanabha Kamath (Cardiologist)
Dr. R.V. Naik (ENT)
Dr. Ashwin Kumar Shetty (Paeditraic)
Dr. Nitin Suvarna (M.D.S)
Dr. Ajay Rao
Dr. Praveen Shetty (M.D.S)
Dr. Keshav Bhat (M.D.S)
Dr. Shreyas Sorake (M.D.S)


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