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Directions for Medical History for Homeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathy aims at holistic approach towards the patient taking into account physical complaints as well as personality and changes in the behaviour of the patient. Without full description of the symptoms it is difficult to find out the medicine. So your full co-operation is necessary in order to achieve best results. All information given is strictly confidential.

Preliminary Information
Please supply the following information as standard routine – Name, Age, Sex, Status- Single/ Married / Widow-er / divorcee; Present occupation Address, Tel No., Fax No., E-mail.

Chief Complaints
Give a full description of your Main Complaints as regards –
(a) The location or area of complaints and its extension if any.
(b) The duration of onset of complaints and its development.
(c) The nature of pain or sensitivity.
(d) The factors or conditions which bring on or worsen the complaints, both
Physical and Emotional factors.
(e) The factors or conditions which give relief to the complaints.
(f) Any specific cause leading to present complaints.

Personal Data
Give a full account of
(1) Height, Weight, any congenital malformations; eyesight etc.
(2) Mental make-up and behaviour.
(3) Food – Particular desires and aversions in food. Any specific food items
causing or worsening trouble.
(4) Thirst – Normal/very thirsty/ thirstless and also amount of water
consumption per day.
(5) Sweating tendancies.
(6) Nature of stool and urine.
(7) Habits – Smoking, alcoholism, tobacco chewing, eating bettlenuts, snuff, tea,
coffee etc. and their amount of consumption per day.
(8) Sleep and dreams.
(9) Genera! environment – effect of heat, cold, weather changes, bath etc.
(10) Sexual life-
Married – marital satisfaction; depression and effect of the same on your main complaints. Any history of sexually transmitted diseases.
Unmarried – Habit of masturbation and any other sexually transmitted diseases.
Females – Details regarding your menses- its regularity, duration, amount of bleeding ( excessive/scanty), white discharge etc.
Married Females – Number of children and any complications
during pregnancy and childbirth; history of abortions and stillbirths.

Past History
Describe in detail the illnesses which you have suffered in the past since your birth stating your age at the time of suffering. Describe all the major illnesses or accidents / operations and also the minor complaints which are often recurring, like recurrent cold or recurrent diarrhoea, mucoid stools etc.

Family History
Describe the health status of your parents, brothers and sisters. State details concerning the health of husband/wife and children. Include those who died in your family stating the age and cause of death.

If you have undergone any investigations like blood test, urine/stool examination, X-ray, E.C.G., Ultrasound etc. PLEASE inform or send the report.

Homoeopathic medication (Consultation) after detail case_study, can be suggested by mailing the prescription with necessary guidlines. The medicines can be purchased with local homeo pharmacy or can be Dispatched to your Address through Courier Service. Follow-ups will be done as per the need of the case. If interested, send a draft by post of Indian Rupees 750/- in my name and Detail of the case by mail as per the above guidlines.

Dr. Ameena Meer G.C.E.H. M.D. (Hom)
Super Bazar, K. M. Marg, Udupi – 576 101
Karnataka, India
Phone: +91 –  820 – 2524052
Mobile: +91 98864 63778
E-mail: drameena@sancharnet.in


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