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Healthcare In Udupi

Health Care

“Health care” is the key word  in Udupi and Manipal as the District stands first in the state in this field. The traditional vaidyas to giving traditional medicine, and Christian missionaries laid strong foundation for community medicine in Udupi. The Ayurveda pandits still good service in rural areas and cure several diseases.  The Kasturba Hospital in Manipal and Udupi started by late Dr T M A Pai offers quality medical service.

Special Treetment
Fitness – Long before doctors started certifying, the fitness of a person was determined by the personal appearance alone. More…

Homeopathy – Homoeopathy is the science and art of preventing and treating disease, based on a natural biological law, called the “law of similars”,  More…

FAQ Column – Dr. Sripathy M. Bhat

Normally an adult needs 7 to 8-hours of sleep per day. Few manage with as less as 5 hours a day and few need as much as 10 hours a day, which is still to be considered normal for the person.  More…

Dr. Sripathi Rao Your Ortho problems
FAQ ColumnDoes your back hurt?

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