Role Of Homeopathy In Skin Diseases

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Role Of Homeopathy In Skin Diseases

Homeopathy plays a very important role in – curing in majority and palliating in few disorders of skin.

Face is the impression of a personality-the mirror of your expression. People are definitely more concerned if anything appears on face. Unwanted, ugly growths called as WARTS appear on face especially around eyes,beard area and neck; sometimes soft,pedunculated warts or spike like horny warts. Homeopathy offers complete cure with internal medication and external application.

PIMPLES or ACNE which create depression in youngsters; depriving them of carrier opportunities while facing others in society- the untimely eruptions of pimples and their marks can be reduced with rightly selected constitutional remedies. Homeopathy helps as a complexion -clearing agent.

Allergic reaction to metals (jewellary, wrist-watch strap), chemicals ( paints, sprays, perfumes) leather ( shoes,belts ), cloths ( nylon, synthetic) can give rise to conditions as ECZEMA and in children below 5 years sensitivity of milk and egg protein resulting into ATOPIC DERMATITIS.The allergic reaction resulting into rash/eruptions associated with itching can be relieved and cured with the science and art of Homeopathy. Conditions like LICHEN PLANUS having no definite causation can benefited to a great extent. The sudden onset of allergic reaction with swelling and raised patches- URTICARIA has definite medicines resulting into complete cure.

Chronic conditions with winter exacerabations like PSORIASIS- few isolated patches of recent origin result into complete cure; but chronicity with wide affected area gives only palliation and cure only in few cases on long course of treatment. The duration of treatment and positive or negative reaction to Homoeopathy depends on INDIVIDUAL REACTION to indicated medicine.

Constitutional disorders like Recurrent tendency to BOILS; delayed wound healing with suppurative tendancies; dryness of skin leading to cracks and dandruff; proneness for keloids and callosities find great relief and positive results with the scientific medical healing Art of Homeopathy.


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