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Should I avoid exercises during my periods ?

No. Excercise is good even during periods & there is no connection between both.

Can I take medicine for postponing my periods ?

Yes. There is no harm if it is essential.

Can I take medicine for painful periods ?

Yes. Pain for one or two days is normal. However, if your pain lasts for many days consult a gynaecologist.

Is it true that Tampons are not safe to be used ?

Yes. Tampons are kept in the vagina & if it is not replaced regularly infection may occur.

The best contraceptives to be used by unmarried girls?

Oral pills.

After an abortion what is the gap required for another pregnancy?

Atleast 3-6 months.

I heard it is not good for married women to do skipping  after 2-3 deliveries?

No. skipping is one type of exercise & it is good.

Pregnancy  Pre natal

Is delivery difficult for short people?

Some short women have difficulty in delivering normally, since they have smaller pelvis and have higher chances of undergoing a caesarian delivery.

Does eating ghee help in smooth delivery?

No this is not true.

Can a pregnant lady travel?

Yes. But it is better to avoid, travel on our bad roads specially if she has had some problems.

How do I know the child Iam carrying is not deformed before 3 months?

It is not possible to find out at 3 months. However by ultrasound scan most of the abnormalities could be seen /detected but not all.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Yes, to certain extent by applying some cream.

Can I swim?

Swimming in clean pools is not contraindicated. However if there is some previous problem or present problems in pregnancy swimming is not advisable.

Can I drive?

Yes you can.

Is alcohol a taboo?

It is always good to avoid alcohol in pregnancy because of certain bad effects on the fetus.

Can I take medication for headache, cold?

Ans: Yes these medicines are usually not harmful.

Can I sleep on my stomach?

During pregnancy avoid this, since it will cause compression on the pregnant uterus.

Does working in a noisy atmosphere affect the child’s hearing?


Should I follow some exercises for safe delivery ?

There are many types of exercises in pregnancy for facilitating the easy delivery.

Are Ultra Sound/ X-RAY unsafe for the fetus?

X-RAY is bad during pregnancy, but Ultra Sound is harmless.

Post Natal

Does binding make my belly flat?

No it gives a false sense of such a feeling . All women after delivery should have abdominal exercises and o.. to reduce abdomen.

Should I exercise?

Yes it is very essential for the body to come back to original self.

Is the notion true that in normal delivery there is a chance of brain damage while in passage?

even with normal delivery there is small chance of cerebral palsy and hence one cannot predict it occassionally.

How long should I stay indoors?

For the first 10 days. After delivery there need not be restriction. For the first 10 days uterus becomes a pelvic organ and the plecental site is large which can pick up and transmit infection.

For how long is bleeding normal after delivery?

Bleeding should stop  maximum within a week. However small amounts of discharge is common till the end of 45 days.

What diet should be taken?

Good food, fuits, vegitables, rice, Dal, Eggs, and milk. If a person eats non-Veg go ahead.


Does having been operated on appendicitis hamper the fertility?

Not always unless there is adhesion between the appendics area & tubes.

Some say that Mumps makes a man lose his fertility?

Yes. Mumps can cause low counts of sperms

Will irregular periods cause infertility?

Occasionally yes. Irregular periods usually means that there is no ovalution,

but this can be treated.

Does following a time schedule influence the sex of the child?

It is not for sure.

What is the fertile period for 28 days cycle?

Between the 10th and 20th day.

In a 23 day cycle when are the safe days?

The first 5 days & last 7 days.

Offspring of relatives?

Close cousin marriages or counangimous marriages have increased incidence of chromosomal problems I the next or further down in the subsequent generation.

Meno pause

Does nearing menopause make women lose their nerves?

They become irritable when they have many symptoms connected to menopause.

Does it cause growth of unwanted hairs?

Yes. Because they have less of female hormones.

How often should I have routine check up for breast cancers ?

Every year Breast examination is needed.

When periods stops for 2-3 cycles only to reappear continues for several days should I remove my uterus?

initially medical management is done only if this fails an operation of uterus removal is done for an order person.

A Matured Man

1. I am a boy of 17 years. Could you tell me about the normal changes taking place in a boy during adolescence?

All boys grow during this period to become mature men. They grow tall and start getting moustache, beard and hair on other parts like chest, hands, and legs and around the genitals. The voice changes to a rougher tone and of course there will be sexual development and changes.

2. What are the sexual changes a boy should expect during this ages?

All the boys start looking at the opposite sex and it is a natural feeling toget aroused by this. Thinking of various thoughts connected to sex itself willarouse one self. There is nothing to feel bad about this since it is a natural phenomenon. However one should not get involved with anyone physically since it will be dangerous.

3. What is the normal male sexual arousal be like?

All the boys get arousal of the genital organ and this is called as

erection. Erection goes away on its own or when the semen (fluid which  contains sperms and other secretions) comes out.

4. Is this phenomenon of getting the semen out at night on its own abnormal?

No. It happens to many and it is only a natural phenomenon and there is nothing to feel bad about it.

5. Can masturbation be done to get out the semen?

Yes. Occasionally shaking the penis when it is erect (called as masturbation) is not wrong. This is one method of letting it out and however anything too many times is not encouraged.

6. Does Masturbation reduce memory?

No. It does not.

7. What is the harmful effect of having sex with a girl?

It is definitely harmful. Sex is not recommended since it will give Sexual Transmitted diseases to one and also give chances of getting AIDS, which can kill a person later.

8. What are the chances of pregnancy with sex?

There is always a chance of pregnancy if sex has taken place around the ovulation period, which is usually seen in the middle part of the menstrual cycle. However it is difficult to predict this time and hence there is always a chance of pregnancy in the woman.

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