HOMOEOPATHY – The Scientific Medical Healing Art

Homoeopathy virtually starts with Hippocrates in the fourth century B.C. After closely observing nature, he announced that there are two possible ways of curing: by the contraries and by the similars It is Dr. Hahnemann who made scientific experiments and created the art of healing.


Homoeopathy is the science and art of preventing and treating disease, based on a natural biological law, called the “law of similars”, according to which a dynamic disease in the organism is cured in a durable manner with another stronger disease of different kind but similar in symptoms.

Homoeopathy virtually starts with Hippocrates in the fourth century B.C. After closely observing nature, he announced that there are two possible ways of curing: by the contraries and by the similars It is Dr. Hahnemann who made scientific experiments and created the art of healing. “Homoeopathy” is the scientific medical healing art founded by the German physicist Dr. Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann(1755-1843).The term ‘Homeopathy’ is derived from Greek words “homoios” meaning ‘similar’ and “pathos” meaning ‘pain’ or ‘suffering’ i.e. all medicines capable of producing certain determined symptoms in a healthy person is capable of curing similar symptoms present in natural illness.

Any scientific knowledge must be true, rational and of communicable certainty by demonstration of the facts presented. The entire Homeopathic practice is based on the following four basic principles:
(1) Law of similars.
(2) Drug proving on healthy human beings.
(3) Diluted and dynamized remedy.
(4) Only one medicine at a time.

Meaning of Disease in Homoeopathy.

Every living person is endowed with a power, which Hahnemann called as “Vital force”. As long as the vital force is in balanced state, the person will be experiencing mental, emotional and physical comfort or the person is AT EASE or healthy. The imbalance of this force is DISEASE or ill health, which is manifested through signs and symptoms – the language of the diseased person. This imbalance can be acute or short lasting due to some outside exciting causes like germs, bacterias, change in food and climate etc. or due to fundamental causes which Hahnemann classified in three basic miasms-psora, syphilis and sycosis.


Hahnemann’s greatest contribution to medicine is the proving of pure drugs in healthy persons and not on rats/guinea pigs. The results of this drug-proving manifested through signs and symptoms were recorded in a systematic way in books called “Materia-Medica-Pura” showing the basis of scientific experimentation in medicine, almost half a century before Claude Bernard of France, who is considered the father of experimental physiology.

Sources of Drugs

Homoeopathic medicines are extracted from the three kingdoms of nature – Vegetables, Mineral and Animals Kingdom. Majority of medicines are derived from Vegetables Kingdom-medicins are either prepared using the entire plant or flowers, leaves, fruits, roots or barks, fresh or dry or from their juices and secretions. Fewer medicines are obtained from Animals but they are of great importance, in which either entire insect has been used (apis-mellifica) or the physiological secretions like milk, oil glands from skin, snake venoms have been used (lac-caninum, bufo, naja) or the pathological secretions like saliva of a rabid dog (lyssinum) have been used. In the Mineral kingdom the entire natural metals and non-metals, elements (Aurum-metallicum, Mercury, Selenium); synthetic or chemicals (Penicillin, Formalin); Homoeopathic compounds (Hepar-Sulph, Causticum) are used. Apart from this the physiological alkaloides, glucosides, resins from vegetable kingdom (Alliumcepa, Ipecac) and medicines prepared from healthy animal tissues (Thyro-iodine) and Secretions (uric–acid) are grouped under “Sarcodes”. The other group where either the diseased part (Bacillinum) or secretions (Medorrhinum) has been used known as “Nosodes”. Medicines are also prepared from energy sources like X-ray, Electricity, South and North pole of magnet etc called as “Imponderable”.

Preparation (Potentisation) of Medicines

Homoeopathy has a unique way of preparing the drugs with dilution. When the drug is used as a direct extract in the crude form, only toxic effects of the drug were noticed in proving. In order to know the finer, non-toxic effects and the effect on higher functions of the body, the drug is diluted with rectified spirit/distilled water and given jerks manually or with machine, the procedure is called as succession which liberates the hidden power of the drug. This procedure of dilution and succession to increase the power of medicine is known as Potentisation, and is done in different scales like decimal, centisimal and 50 millesimal scale.

Homoeopathic approach towards CASE TAKING 

Diseases are not limited to organs. Diseases affect human beings as a whole, as every human being is an integrated unit of the body, mind and spirit. So Homoeopathy has a Holistic approach towards disease. It aims at giving “Constitutional” medicine, which not only heals gently, but also increases the immunity of a person. In order to find this constitutional remedy, a detailed case-history is required. The unique way of individualising every case considering that no two people are similar either in health or in disease, helps in finding the right remedy with the help of books like Materia-medica and Repertory.

Superiority of Homeopathic medicines

1. Apart from treating common acute complaints, in equally short duration like any other medical sciences. homeopathy has created its own efficacy in treating long standing chronic cases like skin diseases, respiratory complaints, allergies,  migraine, gastric complaints and many more disorders where the exact cause is not known.
2. These medicines can be safely prescribed during Pregnancy for associated and constitutional complaints without any side effects to the mother and the baby inside the womb.
3. Few surgical conditions such as warts, corns, recurrent tonsillitis, anal fissures etc. can be treated with homeo medicines
4. As the medicines are prescribed in the form of sweet, sugar coated pills, children enjoy taking them.

Precautions for best Action During Treatment

1. Avoid exposing the medicines to sunlight. Keep them away from strong chemicals, perfumes, soaps, camphor etc. A Cool, dry place preferably a wooden box is ideal
2. Ensure that the bottle is well – corked to prevent evaporation.
3. The Pills / Powder should not be touched with hands but put them directly on or below the tongue and chew them. The medicine can be dissolved in water for infants and in certain cases as advised by the physician. Do not dissolve in milk, honey, tea/ coffee etc.
4. For better action, medicines should be preferably taken on empty stomach 15- 20 minutes before food.
5. Avoid use of strong tea/ coffee, tobacco, alcohol immediately before or after the medicine.