Homeopathy – Homeopathic clinical case-history for children

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Important – Please note the information given by you is strictly confidential.

  1. Please mention Name Age, Sex, Address and Tel. No , Fax No., E-mail.

  2. Describe the nature of his/her complaints giving in detail the duration of complaints, mode of onset; changes if any in the mood and behaviour of your child after the onset of illness; the effect of factors such as changes of weather, food etc. on complaints.

  3. Write down all the illnesses the child has suffered ever since birth.

  4. Narrate in detail the nature and behaviour of your child – regarding mood, irritability and anger, fears and anxieties.

  5. Describe mother’s state of health during Pregnancy – any acute illness suffered; drugs taken; habits and food cravings; exposure to radiation; physical trauma; emotional upsets; operation and anaesthetics.

  6. Mention about the nature of delivery – Normal, Forceps, Vaccum, Caesarean, Premature etc. Any complications following labour.

  7. Describe the illness the Father and Mother has suffered or are suffering from.

  8. Describe child’s association with parents, other family members, friends and teachers.

  9. Describe about child’s sleep – when the child is more sleepy; position adopted during sleep; moods before and after.


Homoeopathic medication (Consultation) after detail case_study, can be suggested by mailing the prescription with necessary guidlines. The medicines can be purchased with local homeo pharmacy or can be Dispatched to your Address through Courier Service. Follow-ups will be done as per the need of the case. If interested, send a draft by post of Indian Rupees 750/- in my name and Detail of the case by mail as per the above guidlines.

Dr. Ameena Meer G.C.E.H. M.D. (Hom)
Super Bazar, K. M. Marg, Udupi – 576 101
Karnataka, India
Phone: +91 –  820 – 2524052
Mobile: +91 98864 63778
E-mail: drameena@sancharnet.in



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