Dr. A Padma Rao

Healthcare In Udupi


Date of Birth: 23 July, 1926

Former Designation

Professor and Director of Post-graduate studies and Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal
Retired in April, 1985

Present Designation

Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Kasturba Medical College, Manipal
Fellow of Indian College of Maternal and Child Health,  Calcutta.

Academic Qualification

M.B.B.S. : From Madras University in December 1949 D.G.O.: From Madras University in April 1952. M.D. (Obst. and Gyn.) : From Andhra University in April 1958.
Training Abroad: Common Wealth Fellowship Training abroad for one year with Prof. Jeffcoate Liverpool, U.K. in 1968.

Some Achievements

  • First to perform laparoscopic sterilization in India (Since the year 1971) and to simplify the technique of laparoscopy.
  • Served as the First Indian Representative of the American Association of ‘Gynecological Laparoscopists (AAGL) of Los Angeles, California, from 1972 to 1976.
  • Awarded “Life Time Achievements Millennium award” at All India Level by All India Federation of OBG at Lucknow in Dec 1999 (One among 29 Gynecologists of India).


  • Oration at l0th Annual Conference of Bengal Obst. and Gynaec. Society at Calcutta, 1984 – “Drugs in Pregnancy”.
  • Dr. Ida Scudder Oration at Christian Medical College, Vellore, in February, 1985 “Changing Trends in Obstetrics and Gynecology”
  • Dr. M.D. Adatia Oration at the Annual Conference of Bombay Obst. and Gyn., ‘ Society in June, 1985 – “Neglected Contraceptive device – IUCD”.
  • Oration at Silver Jubilee Celebration of Nagpur Obst. and Gyn. Society on 10th’ Oct. 1985 on “Endoscopy”
  • Dr. S.T. Watve Oration at Kolhapur- Zonal Maharashtra Conference of Obst. and Gyn. August, 1989 – “IUGR”.
  • KSOG Oration at Hubli in September 1989 – “Changing Trends in the Management of Menopause”.
  • “Sushruta Oration” At Annual Conference of Women Doctors’ Association of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry at Ramanathapuram on 4-2-1990 – “Prevention of Hazards of Menopause.”
  • Oration at Surat Obst. and Gyn. Society in September, 1991 – “Diabetes in Pregnancy”.
  • Oration at Inauguration of Indian Academy of Human Reproduction, Cochin in February 1993 – “Graffian Follicle”.
  • Indira Ramamurthy Oration at Annual Conference of South India Obst. and Gyn. Society at Madras in Feb. 1993 – “Evolution of Steroidal Contraceptive”.
  • FOGSI – Oration Dec 1996 – topic `Pregnancy Wastage – a dilemma, Annual Conference PUNE.
  • Dr. Leela Dubey Memorial Oration – July 1997 – “Peoples Role in Safe Motherhood”.
  • Dr. Dharwar Memorial Oration at Gulberga, – topic “Endometriosis” in Sept98.

Posts Held in FOGSI

Senior Vice- President, FOGSI (1978 – 1979)
President, Manipal Obst. & Gynaec, Society, From 1973 – 1995 (22 years)

Chapters Written in Books and Monograms

Etiology of IUGR-Monogram on IUGR.
Editor: N.N. Roy Chowdhury, Calcutta, 1981.
“Maternal Diabetes in Perinatal Mortality” – Monogram on “Recent Trends in Perinatology”,
Editors: Dr. Jayashree Roy Chowdhury and Prof. N.N. Roy Chowdhury, Calcutta, 1983.
“Interception” – Current Practice of Obst. and Gyn. by FOGSI 1992 and Principles and Practice of Obst.& Gyn. for Postgraduates by FOGSI 1996.
“Ethical and Social Implications of Infertility Management” in Infertility Update Editors: Versant B. Patwardhan and Mehroo D. Hansotia, By FOGSI 1994.

Papers Reviewed in WHO Bibliography

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    – Internal Seminar on Family Planning, New Delhi, March 1972 – Reviewed in “Medical Times”, May, 1972
    – Reviewed in WHO Bibliography, Special Supplement No. 6, on “Sterilization on
    Male and Female”, 1975,
  2. Abortion and Socio-Economic Status.
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Dr. A. Padma Rao

“Sonia Clinic”
24, Ananth Nagar, Manipal- 576 119
Karnataka, India
Tel: 91-820-2570334


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