CSI Lombard Memrial Hospital Udupi

Healthcare In Udupi

At the wake of the 20th Century, the whole of South Kanara hardly had  any medical facility . A handful of male doctors were there but they were not allowed to see women, specially during deliveries. ‘Thus the plight of women were very deplorable.

At this time, far in Switzerland, a young girl gave herself to the study of medicine, deciding to go to India as a Medical Missionary. After her medical studies, she came to India, leaving her folks and place and selected Udupi as her work-place. Thus a small beginning was made in 1923, with the starting of a 6-bed Hospital, This was a great boon to the women and children of the whole district.

This seed sown with love, dedication and sacrifice, has now grown into a 150 bed general hospital providing all basic facilities to the people of Udupi and the surrounding areas. Though not much expanded in size, the Hospital has been doing pioneer services in needy areas since inceptiont 75 years ago. ( The Hospital celebrated its Platinum jubilee in 1999) Hospitalised tuberculosis treatment was given when TB was considered a deadly disease. When no formal nursing education was available, a school of nursing services was started and continued for many years the first home for abandoned children called the Santhosha ward was maintained. The first Community health service at Malpe, the first Day-Care centre for toddlers of working women, the first Kindergarten School in a rural area, the first residential school for the mentally retarded children, were all started and run by the Hospital. Now, as a Platinum jubilee Project, the Hospital is planning for a HIV-AIDS centre, where HIV-affected patients can be looked after, education can be given to groups ,about AIDS, and counseling given to AIDS patients, their family members and relatives.

Facilities available at the Hospital:-

  • Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology, including infertility clinics for both sex. General Medicine, including Diabetic care and cardiac care.
  • Paediatrics including neonatal care
  • General Surgery, including laproscopic surgeries
  • Ophthalmology including contact and intraocular lens implants
  • Urology; E.N.T.  Dental Unit
  • orthopaedics including accident & emergency round the clock
  • Psychiatry including alcoholics de-addiction;
  • Family planning advice and service
  • Diagnostic facilities available

  • All types of Ultra-sound scanning tests; Colour Doppler;
  • Radiology : plain, barium studies, IVU etc.
  • Echocardiography,Strees Test (Treadmill)
  • Fill-fledged laboratory; X-Ray & E.C.G.,
  • Endoscope, Gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, foetal monitor;
  • Emergency service Available

  • Round-the-clock maternity services;
  • Round-the-clock accident & emergency services;
  • Round-the-clock ambulance service.

    (Popularly known as Mission Hospital)
    Phones: 91 820 2526358, 2520384, 2520334, 2524646,
    Fax: 91 820 2527455.


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