Anchan Ayurvedic Pharmacy


Anchan Ayurvedic Pharmacy

It is indeed a riddle that though the public opinion towards the Ayurvedic medicine predominantly increasing the Ayurvedic physicians do not deem it fit to use the Ayurvedic medicines in clinics. The basic reason for this is the high cost of the Ayurvedic medicines and also the quality of medicines which is declining day by day.

In this juncture for the betterment of Ayurveda and to give a good service to the suffering humanity through Ayurveda by motivating the physicians to use the qualitative Ayurvedic medicines economically, we entered the field by starting “Anchan Pharmacy” in a small scale in 1983, with a motto of giving good quality medicines at reasonable rates.

The main inspiration to my endeavours was my beloved father Pandit Thoma Poojary who was a well known traditional Ayurvedic Practitioner in Padubidri. He was preparing the medicines on his own Like Asavas, Arishtas Lehyas, Vatis etc. Under his supervision I was trained in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, and after the completion of my B.S.A.M.Degree “Anchan Pharmacy” was established.

In the beginning the Pharmacy was started in a small scale and later by our sincere service and by the blessings and patronage of the Physicians it is developed to such an extent that now, our products are familiar not only in D. Kannada but also in Kasargod, Chennai, Maharastra, Orissa & other parts of the Countries.

We were proud to start our new venture “Anchan Ayurvedic Industries” which was launched for the public service on 23rd Jan 1991 which was Inaugurated by the Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri S. Bangarappa with the financial aid from “Khadi Gromodyoga Mandali”. Besides the foundation stone of “Anchan Ayurvedic Nursing Home” was also laid by the Hon. Chief Minister.

Presently our genuine and classically prepared medicines, like “Manasa” “Shwasari” “Karpoora Malahara” etc. have gained good popularity in the market. In the mean while the products which are mentioned here are daily used in my own clinic and have got good result in disease like pakshaghatha, Manasika, Shwasa, Kasa, Pradara etc. (Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Backache, Arthritis, Diabetes, Jaundice, Herpes and many more.) And also I assure same genuine products are supplied to you.

Arishta- Asava – Kada

Abhayarishta, Amritharista, Aravindasava, Arjunarishta, Asanadi Kada, Ashokarishta, Ashwagandharishta, Balarishta, Bananthi Kada, Bringarajasava, Chandanasava, Chavikasava, Danthyarishta, Dashamoolarista, Draksharishta, Drakshasava, Jambu Asava, Jeerakadyarishta, Kalamegha, Kanakasava, Khadirarishta, Kiratharishta, Kumaryasava, Kutajarista, Lodrasava, Lohasava, Mahamanjishtadi Kada, Maharasnadi Kada, Manasa, Musthakarishta, Panchatikha Kwatha, Parpatadyaristha, Pathyadi Kada, Pippalyasava, Punarnavasava, Pushkaramoolasava, Raktha Shodhaka Arista, Saraswatharista, Sarivadyasava, Shwasari, Usheerasava, Vasakarista, Vidangarista

Asanadi Choorna, Ashtachoorna, Ashwagandha Choorna, Avipathikara Choorna, Balagriha Choorna, Chandan Churna, Dantha Dhavana Choorna, Dashanga Lepa Choorna, Laghusootha Mishrana, Karpooradi Choorna, Panchavalkala Choorna, Sithopaladi Choorna, Shringyadi Choorna, Sugandakalpa, Thaleesadi Choorna, Triphala Choorna, Vyshwanara Choorna, Yashtimadhu Choorna

Abrak Bhasmas, Karpoora Shila Bhasmas, Kaseesa Bhasmas, Koorma Prishta Bhasma, Kukkutanda Twakbhasma, Loha Bhasma, Mandoora Bhasma, Pravala Bhasma, Shankha Bhasma, Spatika Bhasma, Sringa Bhasma, Swarna Makshika Bhasma, Thamra Bhasma

Aditya Paka Thaila, Agni Thaila, Anu Thaila, Asana Bilvadi Thaila, Balagriha Thaila, Bringamalaka Thaila, Bhrami Thaila, Dhanvanthari Thaila, Himasagara Thaila, Jathyadi Thaila, Maha Narayana Thaila, Nalpamaradi Thaila, Neelibringadi Thaila, Novina Thaila, Pinda Thaila, Suganda Thaila, Sukumara Thaila, Triphaladi Thaila, Yashtimadhuka Thaila,

Avalehya: Ashwagandavalekha, Ardrakandava Lehya, Badam Rasayana, Bilwadi Leha, Chayavana Parashavaleha, Datuputi Leha, Hareethaki Khanda, Kooshmanda Rasayana, Maha Madhusnihi rasayana, Madiphala Rayasana, Shathavari Rasayana, Sowbagya Shunthi Paka,

Guggula – Vatis
Arogyavardhanavdhi Vati, Balagriha Vati, Chandraprabha Vati, Dhanvanthari Vati, Gandhaka Rayasana Tab, Gokshruradi Guggula, Kaishora Guggula, Kannchanara Guggula, Kuberaksha Vati, Hingvashtaka Vati, Laghu Sootha Shekara, mahayogaral Guggula, Marmani Vati, Mukka Mukkadi Vati, Saptha Vimshathi Gulggula, Sethu Bhandana Vati, Shila Bhanga, Triphala Guggula, Yogaraja Guggulaa

Ayurvedic Ointments
Gandaka Malahara, Karppora Malahara, Padadari Malahara, Pinda Taila Malahara, Shwetha Malahara, Sindoora Malahara

Ayurvedic Capsules
Madhuna Capsule, Projex Capsule, Dyron Capsule/ Tab, Liv – 2K Capsule, Mahasudharshan Capsule, K V Capsule, Shwasari Capsules, Nishamoola Capsules, S P Capsule, Gynic Capsule, Rumovin Capsule, Projex Forte, Vasntha Capsule, Manasa Capsule, Prakrithi, Pusti, Madhuna

Special Products
Manasa, Shwasari

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