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Popularly known in the Western Countries, as the “Indian Pancakes” the dosas have become very popular not only among the Indians but also amongst the westerners. Ready-to-use dosa mixes are now available in almost all the European Countries too. But nothing equals our homemade dosas roasted in special “Kaili” (Pans) using pure Coconut oil. More popular in South Indian, especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka the dosas have gained a permanent place on the breakfast table. A different variety of lip smacking, mouth watering dosas are prepared among the Konkanis also. Listed below are some of the typical Konkani Dosas.

Recipes by: Mrs. Anusuya R. Kini

Urad (Dehusked Black Gram) and Rice Dosa


a) Urad dhal – 1 Cup
b) Rice – 2 Cups
c) Salt as per taste
d) Oil

Method of Preparation

Soak Urad dhal and rice in water separately for about 3-4 hrs. Then grind Urad dhal in a grinder for about 20 min using water. The batter should be very finely ground and smooth. Then after removing it add rice and grind finely for about 10 min. Add Sufficient water so that the batter is not thick. Add about 2 tbsp salt mix properly. Let the batter ferment for about 8-10 hrs. Usually the ingredients are soaked in the afternoon. Ground at night and dosas prepared in the morning for breakfast. Before removing the dosas, mix properly the batter, heat the flat pan (Kaili), smear it with oil, pour 1 ladle full of batter and spread evenly and roundly to cover the entire pan. Cover with a lid. After about ½ min, turn the dosa on the other side, pour about 1tsp oil on the side and let it roast equally on the both the sides. It is served hot with Coconut Chutney.

Preparation Time: 40 Min (plus soaking time)
Serves: 8-10 Persons

Pls. Note: The Method of removing dosas is similar for all types of dosas. Only the batter differs for different types of dosas


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