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Social work

With the expansion of many NGOs and government sponsored schemes, today’s professional social worker can expect to get a decent salary while doing work which is directly helping others in need.

Social work is the study of society, particularly the deprived and downtrodden sections, and how one can reach out to them and help them. In both these fields there are well established university courses which train people to go into the depths of the subject and put their knowledge to practical use.

 Social work is offered as a course both at undergraduate (BSW) level as well for a master’s degree (MSW) in a number of universities all over the country.  Those opting to specialize in industrial relations find employment in the HRD departments of large companies, while others can work in hospitals, social service organizations, government and semi-government departments.

  To enter into these areas, one should have a strong desire to help other human beings, be sensitive and caring, and also have the ability to understand people of very different backgrounds and upbringing. A good team spirit is a must, and so is the ability to handle conflict and make breakthroughs against resistance.  A flair for languages and an enterprising spirit helps.

 Until a few years ago, social workers were very poorly paid. Most were doing honorary work.  Today many organizations are offering salaries which come close to corporate levels.  Those willing to work in rural areas have benefits of housing and transport.  There are oopportunities to rise to levels of project managers, HRD Managers, and the really enterprising persons can start their own organizations.  Those who really progress well are the ones with the strongest aptitude and greates profession in the past three decades of her work, remarks with nostalgia

“Every smile on the face of a slum child is like a bonus in salary for me, every downtrodden woman who has been helped to regain her self esteem and stand on her own feet, is like another installment into my bank account.

I work at the individual grassroots level, but the ripple effect is tremendous.”


For Masters in Social Work
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
PO Box 8313, Deonar, Mumbai – 400088