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Welcome to Vidyodaya
A well planned and need based, yet flexible, challenging and creative curriculum is followed in the school, which is in keeping with the spirit of our guiding philosophy. Academic and co-curricular subjects are given equal importance in an effort to empower students to pursue their aptitude and see their own potential.

A Glimpse of History
Vidyodaya Public School has a rich heritage. This land has been well-known for providing educational facilities and organizing cultural activities for more than 100 years. The school began in a small way in 1997 with a Kindergarten and the I Standard as its first step into the path of exploring the universe of knowledge and it started growing like a healthy child. Like all other great things, this small starburst gave no inkling of the constellation that was to come.

Our Mission
Our conscious commitment is to facilitate learning through an environment which helps:
Empowering students with confidence and a sense of responsibility to achieve academic and personal goals set according to their level.

Inculcating civic and human values by integrating community awareness and social concerns into the fold of the regular curriculum.

Weaving together cognitive and creative skills to lend a holistic texture to the educational fabric. Preparing children for life by providing a healthy atmosphere for growing up together, Respecting gender equality. Creating an environment that goes beyond mere study, thus Grooming independent, competent, resilient, patient and understanding individuals. Nurturing curiosity, resourcefulness, courage and confidence and Developing the young minds into veritable researchers and thinkers.

VIDYODAYA PUBLIC SCHOOL, at its very advent, set itself on a vantage point on the academic map of Udupi with the versatile visionary, His Holiness Sri Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji as the driving force behind this endeavour of the Vidyodaya Trust (R). The School is set in the heart of the city near the Sri Krishna Temple with the message, “Shraddavan Labhathe Jnanam.

The school nurtures learning through an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach under the Principal ship of
Dr. C. K. Manjunatha, who has been engaged in building up this premier institution. He has contributed to allied fields of education by lending a new landscape to the teaching-learning process through his innovative approach.

Men who shaped Vidyodaya
The Trustees of the School are experts in various fields. They always work together as a team and spread the message of unity in diversity. They are Sri N. Nagaraj Ballal, Working President, Sri K. Ganesh Rao, Secretary, Sri U. Padmaraj Acharya, Treasurer, Smt Roopa Ballal, Jt. Secretary and other trustees are Sri Raghuram Acharya, Sri Koni Vasudeva Shet, Sri U. Damodar and Sri Raghavendra Acharya. They are actively involved not only in school administration but also in other social activities. and are highly respectable members of the society.

Vadiraj Road, Udupi – 576 101, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: +91 820 2531021 / 2520552


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