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sahyadri college of nursing

“… The aim of the Foundation is to promote Education, Health, Culture and Sports” Manjunath Bhandary

Bhandary Foundation

The Bhandary Foundation ® evolved on 18th November 2002 from the vision of Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, an Engineering graduate and post graduate in Political Science. He is a well known business man, agriculturist, philanthropist, social worker and a political activist.

The Foundation is dedicated to the cause of social justice, social development through education and up-lifting the less fortunate sections of the society. The Foundation, which believes in the holistic development of the individual has been encouraging and promoting cultural and sports activities as well.

The Bhandary Foundation® was envisioned by Mr. Bhandary while representing the Indian Government at the World HIV/AIDS Conference at Barcelona, Spain in July 2002, as one of the Indian Delegate along with Mr. Shatrughna Sinha, Hon’ble Minister for Health, and Mr Oscar Fernandes Hon’ble Minister for Labour, Government of India.

The conference was attended by the high dignitaries of the world like Mr. Bill Clinton, Mr. Nelson Mandela Mr. I.K. Gujral and other prominent world leaders. In that conference, the leaders appealed the delegates to fight against this disease to create the awareness about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse in the younger generation and to work towards its prevention.

Inspired by this, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary founded the Foundation and started the Sahyadri Institute of Health Sciences at Mangalore from where they can get more and more hands to work in the field HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.


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