Some people are deeply concerned about the welfare of others. They feel that life has given them a   great deal, and they in turn would like to help in making the lives of others, better.  Yet  one cannot become a sanyasi or a nun, and give up on the basic necessities of life. For those  who want to make a career and a living out of helping others who are deprived or distressed,  psychology is the ideal career.

Psychology is the study of human behavior, and it helps in understanding human beings,

inter personal relationships, emotions, and to check imbalances.

ENTRY: Psychology is offered as a subject both at the +2 level as well as in B.A., in most universities.  After graduation, one can opt for an MA or MSc in Psychology or Counselling. Further specialization can be in the form of a 2 year M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology at NIMHANS, or various one year diploma courses in child guidance and counselling. For those who do not wish to put in too many years of study, there are one year diploma courses in special education or mental retardation.

  To enter into these areas, one should have a strong desire to help other human beings, be sensitive and caring, and also have the ability to understand people of very different backgrounds and upbringing. A good team spirit is a must, and so is the ability to handle conflict and make breakthroughs against resistance.  A flair for languages and an enterprising spirit helps.

 “Every smile on the face of a slum child is like a bonus in salary for me, every downtrodden woman who has been helped to regain her self esteem and stand on her own feet, is like another installment into my bank account. I work at the individual grassroots level, but the ripple effect is tremendous.”


For Masters in Psychology
Department of Psychology
Bangalore University,
Jnana Bharathi Campus,
Bangalore – 560056
Karnataka, India

Diploma in mental retardation
Manovikas Nagar, Trimulgherry
Secunderabad – 500015, India

Diploma in mental retardation
AMH Compund, Adj.Kidwai Hospital
Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029
Karnataka, India
Phone: 6631608

For part/full time diploma in counselling:
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi – 110016, India
Banjara Academy, Queens Road,
Bangalore – 560052
Karnataka, India
Phone: 2265628 2205793


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