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No commercial activity can be successful without marketing.  Thus the field of sales and marketing has been  exist-ing  since time immemorial.  Yet it is  surprising  that until recently it was not considered  important enough for have specialized courses in marketing.

Marketing work has been done over the years  by  engi-neers,  finance persons, managerial personnel, and just about  anyone.  Incidentally for a long  time  marketing used to be considered the refuge for anyone  who  could not  qualify  in a better field.  It was presumed  that selling can be done by any person who knows how to talk,  is pushy  and has perseverance.  In the last couple  of decades when  marketing  started being offered as a  subject  of specialization  in MBA, and the demand for it grew  significantly. Today it is recognized that marketing  is  as important  an area of  commercial activity as any  other.
In  fact  now marketing is divided into  specific  areas such  as market research, planning, product  or  event marketing,  sales, after sales service, and market  consultancy.  It is a field which will continue to grow and expand  regardless  of  ups and downs  of  industry and commerce.
And those who do well in future will  be those  who have learnt scientific and  innovative  techniques  of each aspect of marketing, particularly since after globalization  and increase in  competition,  the role of marketing personnel will be crucial for  the success of any organization.

ENTRY:  While an MBA with specialization in marketing still continues to be an  excel-lent entry point into a this field, there are  now many courses at the degree and diploma level for  those who  do not wish to do their management  studies.   Many private  institutes have started practical oriented  and effective sales and marketing courses.  Of course, there are many people who just join and learn on the job,  but they  are not likely to go very high in terms of  promotions  to  higher levels.  For those who have  already entered  the field and wish to improve their  knowledge,
correspondence  courses are also available, though  they may  not be as effective as contact courses.

APTITUDE: Contrary to popular belief, just being able to talk well does not make a good salesperson.  One should be a  good judge  of human behavior, have  excellent  communication skills (which includes being able to listen well),  have a persuasive and assertive power, and also have a pleasing personality which makes others want to interact.  The person should be an extrovert, have a fondness for travel, and the ability to make friends easily.  It also needs tremendous resilience to be able to withstand rejections and rebuffs, while continuing to work under high pressure.

THE FUTURE:  Marketing being the crux of any business organization, those who are qualified and who prove their competence, are likely to rise very fast.  Even those starting at the lowest rungs of sales representatives or assistants, can aspire to become managers and even general managers.
Many people have used marketing as a starting point to rise to general management posts heading profit centers and branches.  The training that one gets of working under tremendous pressure of targets and performance reviews, makes them very competent to handle diverse responsibilities in later life. Many who are extroverts and enjoy people, have found marketing work a pleasure in terms of travel, adventure, good social life, and exposure to different types of people, and that by itself can be a reward.

Post graduate diplomas in marketing and sales

Mount Carmel Institute of Management
58, Palace Road,  Vasanthnagar
Bangalore – 560052
Karnataka, India

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Course Road, Bangalore – 560001
Karnataka, India

Apex Institute of Professional Training
65 Blue Moon Complex, 4th floor
M G Road,  Bangalore – 1
Karnataka, India

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
Seva Sadan Campus, 3rd Block
Koramangala, Banglore-34
Karnataka, India


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