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The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi, a pioneering institution run by the Academy of General Education, Manipal, was founded in 1949 to fulfill the aspirations of the youth of the northern parts of the then Dakshina Kannada District which till then could boast of only two Colleges, both situated in Mangalore. The need for a college in this area was keenly visualized by Dr. T. Madhava A Pai, whose dream it was to better the life of his people by bringing opportunities to their doors. He could inspire a band of enlightened citizens of Udupi to work for the founding of a College in this town. The project was termed then as the wi1dest of dreams. The obstacles in the way were so severe that Dr. Pai, at one stage, had even to return the donations he had collected for the purpose of raising .the funds required for the establishment of the college. But Dr. Pai, a man of grit that he was, did not give up the idea that he had cherished for long and created a public opinion in favor of the College, thawed the icy mind of unwilling donors, blew the mist of misgiving, persuaded liberal minded men to unstring their purse and bent the will of the reluctant authorities of the Government and the University of Madras and secured the permission to found a College in the practically rural environs of Udupi. Dr. Pai’s perseverance in this regard was equal to the legendary perseverance of Bhagiratha, who brought the Heavenly waters of Ganga down to the earth. The Gods of the University were again unwilling to allow lady students to be admitted to the College and the famous `Shantha Versus University of Madras Case’ was fought on the question of equality of rights ensured by the Indian Constitution. The matter, then in the court of Governor Sri Prakash, could be settled in favor of girls with the intervention of Smt. Indira Gandhi who was then only the daughter of her father Jawaharlal Nehru. Yes, they were days of Herculean struggle and they were days of gratifying reward. Once Dr. Pai’s sincerity was realized, the support he got became spontaneous and overwhelming. The Swamijis of Udupi blessed the project. The public of Udupi rendered shramadan to raise the building on the site of Sagri where the College, situated first in the rooms let by an elementary school, was shifted in the year 1952. A band of eminent citizens of Udupi rallied behind Dr. Pai and the dream of the College became a reality.

Mission Statement

The chief objective of the college is to provide quality education at an affordable cost to the students of the Udupi region which has a special socio economic and cultural background.

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