EDUCATION:  Education is not only books, wrote Arnol Wesker, “It’s sking questions, all the time. There are millions of us, all over the country and no one, not one of us is asking questions, we’re all taking the easiest way out”. What is more, as Herbert pencer pointed out “education has for its object the formation of character”. Thus, the task before a teacher is both challenging and profound.The goal of “Education for All” can be best realised through committed and sensitised teachers.

 Teachers work in schools, special schools for children with special educational needs, polytechnics, colleges, universities and institutions for higher education.

 Most people think of counseling as “giving advice” or “offering solutions to problems”. However, counseling is neither of these. The objective of counseling is to help a person to understand and solve his/her adjustment problems, while guidance may be individual on group oriented, counseling is primarily client centred in its approach. It is a therapy which is a two-way process, involving the counselor and the counselee.

LIBRARY SCIENCES: A librarian performs multidimensional activities ranging from classifying, cataloguing and documenting to guiding readers and researchers in identifying the material they are looking for. They have to keep
abreast of new publications and decide how much of their budget can be spent on these and how much must go on periodical subscriptions, pdating important reference books and other stock replacement. For More Info…

PERFORMING ARTS: The performing arts constitutes an industry possessing universal appeal, going beyond time, age and culture. The performing arts are divided into:
* Drama
* Music
* Dance
The entertainment industry is a sure fire way of achieving fame and success as it is an industry widely popular with the masses. However an instant success is uncertain.


Tourism Management: In this the field the work environment is challenging. A travel agent has to plan travel itineraries, provide related information, make suitable arrangements, handle travel papers, etc. So the work involves administration and coordination, planning, public relations and awareness of all travel and tourism related facilities. Skilled handling of hi-tech telecom and information networks as well as multi-media channels enhance efficiency.

INTERPRETATION AND TRANSLATION: Language is one of the most powerful forces to bring people together. It is an expression of internationalism”, says Dr. Sabra Habib, Director, Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages, Lucknow. If you have a flair for languages you can consider acquiring linguistic skills to be used

 This is the only type of full-time work available for interpreters, but there are opportunities for freelance interpreters also and many freelance interpreters do conference interpreting as well as other forms of interpreting and translating work.
International organizations like United Nations, the EEC and other trading organizations all use skilled interpreters at their conferences and meetings.

 The majority of linguistics are not in permanent work as conference interpreters but they are able to carry out various types of free-lance work on an “adhoc” basis. For More Info…

Teacher: Another career avenue for linguistic is teaching in schools, colleges, universities or in institutions which impart specialized training in foreign languages. Professors get a salary of Rs. 4000 – 7000 per month.
Private tuition in foreign languages or teaching English as a foreign language can be a lucrative career prospect where you may earn Rs. 100/- per hour….

Translator: While interpreting is concerned with the spoken word, translating is concerned with the written word. Translators are engaged by international organizations dealing in politics, trade or commerce as well as by major firms with international interests. Most work as freelancers and are engaged on a temporary basis.

Careers: Career prospects in Psychology depend on the area of specialisation and it is only after post graduation, that specialised courses are offered in the highly advanced branches of psychology.

Branches: Clinical psychology and Industrial psychology are the most popular branches of specialisation.


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