Environmental Science

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Environmental Science

In India, as in every other country,  limited natural resources are being fast depleted and the ecological balance is getting affected. Thus there is need for environmentalists in our Government — in policy-making bodies, pollution control boards and forest departments, in NGOs working on environmental issues, research projects, media and in companies which need to keep a check on the ecological balance, pollution levels, etc.

ENTRY: Environmental Science in being offered as a subject in many colleges, including a few affiliated to Bangalore University. But this, however, is only a foundation for going deeper into the subject. A better option is to complete a Masters’ in Engineering (ME) in Environmental Engineering, or get an MSc in Environmental Science. Biotechnology, Geology, Wildlife and Forest Management are also related fields. Those wishing to go into research or teaching, can study further up to their PhD.

APTITUDE: This profession is  for those with a deep sense of commitment, a love for Nature and those who are conscious of the delicate balance of ecology. A sense of adventure, an ability to withstand a rough life  and good powers of observation, help , as does good analytical thinking ability. One should necessarily have a scientific bent of mind, particularly in Biology- related subjects.

THE FUTURE: The job prospects for environmental scientists are growing fast. The Government is introducing many legislations to ensure environment protection and this will lead to more openings. Jobs generally start at an officer’s or executive level, and one can aspire to move into managerial or consultancy positions within a few years. Those qualifying from developed countries, where the environmental awareness level is higher, will find better opportunities. Companies which are switching over to environment friendly products also require people. Educational institutions require teaching staff to create better awareness among the coming generations, and so do publications which are creating awareness among the masses. In each of these fields, there are reasonably good opportunities for growth, job satisfaction, and rewarding remuneration.


Post Graduate centres in Environmental Sciences   

Jawaharlal Nehru University 

JNU, New Mehrauli Road

New Delhi, India

University of Mysore

Karya Soudha, Crawford Hall

Mysore, Karnataka, India

Cochin University of Science & Technology 

Kochi, Kerala, India


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