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The College was founded in order to meet the growing demand for university education in this part of the district and make it available nearer home so that the economically less fortunate section of the people in the region might profit from it.

The founders believe that no education will be worth the name if the imparting of instruction in the various branches of knowledge is not attended by a proper shaping of character. Fullness of knowledge and of awareness is the ideal conveyed by the epithet Poornaprajna, which was also the name of the great Madhwacharya, from whose life and work the College derives its inspiration. With this difficult but worthy ideal in view, the College has adopted the motto ‘ ‘ Prajnanetro lokah”.

Poornaprajna College was founded in 1960, by the eight Swamijis of Udupi. But in February 1962, with a view to streamlining the day-to-day administration of the College, its maintenance and its governance were handed over to Admar Mutt Education Council, registered society functioning under the leadership of H. H. Swami Vibudhesha Tirtha of Sri Admar Mutt. In the beginning the College provided only the Arts and Commerce courses. The Science courses were first introduced at the Pre-University level in 1963 and at the degree level in 1965.
The College had the good fortune of having the guidance of eminent Principals, Viz., Prof. V M. Inamdar ( 1960-1967) a well – known teacher of English and reputed creative writer in Kannada Dr. S. R. Mokashi ( 1967 – 1968) an eminent teacher of English and a reputed Kannada Poet Prof. M. Gopalkrishna Adiga
( 1968-1971 ) a great teacher of English and one of the foremost among Kannada Poets, Dr. P Narayan Rao ( 1971-1978) a great teacher of English, and Prof. K. G. Tantry ( 1978-1988), a distinguished teacher of Commerce. All these Principals built up a fine tradition, each in his own way, creating a team of devoted, and sincere teachers, and well-disciplined students. The tradition was continued by Prof. Sripathi Upadhya (1988-19891, Prof. H. Shivarama Shetty      (1989-1993), Prof. M. Sudhakar Rao ( 1993-1994), Prof. M. Subrahmanya (1994-1997), and Prof. N. B. Dixit. ( 1997-1999).



The College has a well-qualified, well-trained and well- experienced teaching staff in different faculties. They have a variety of back grounds, too. Some of them have the highest degrees in their respective fields of study and have earned professional recognition. The faculties have the responsibility of guiding the students in making the best use of students time and energy.


The College has a separate library building housing nearly 40,000 volumes, covering latest books on all subjects of study. The extensive Book Bank Section of the library provides books that can be retained by a student through out the year. Apart from the general library, books can also be borrowed from the Department Libraries attached to several departments of the College. The library subscribes for over 100 newspapers and journals (popular, scientific and subject journals). Back volumes of journals are available in Reference Section.

Laboratories: Well-equipped and spacious laboratories for science students of Pre-University and Degree classes are available in the departments of Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. The Botany and Zoology departments, in addition, have museums with excellent collection of specimens. Students effort in the practical in Laboratories will involve both pre-class preparation and active participation. Individual attention and guidance are provided here. Of late, Physics, Botany and Zoology departments have full pledged research laboratories.

Audio Visual Programmes: The College has a fully air conditioned Audio-Visual Hall with a seating capacity of about a hundred. All necessary audio visual equipments are there including a 16 mm sound projector, a color T. V and VCR. Educational films and slides on different subjects are being shown regularly to supplement the class room teaching. Seminars: Seminars are conducted by many departments in this College as a part of the teaching programme. A Seminar centers around a talk given by a student on a specific problem, followed by a discussion in which both students and members of the faculty participate.

Group Discussion and Quiz Programmes: An individual teacher may use lecture plus group discussion to stimulate and analyses problems in Business Management and Basic Sciences. Wide reading and quick responses are also tested by periodic quiz programmes.

Physical Education: The spacious Bailur Krishna Rao Memorial Playground, in front of the main building of the College, provides ample scope for a variety of games: basket ball, ball-badminton, shuttle, cricket, etc. Indoor games facilities are available for carom, chess and table tennis.

Extra-curricular Activities: The various associations of the College provide opportunities for expression to all those students who are proficient in drama, dance, music, painting, public-speaking, etc. The associations encourage talented students, train them, and lead them to competitions at different levels.

Financial aid and Proficiency prizes : A number of free ships, scholarships and loan scholarships are available to deserving students, and are granted in accordance with rules prescribed by the Government. The college also awards, each year, prizes and scholarships for general proficiency in individual classes and in individual subjects.

National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC): There are two NSS Units in this college which recruit students who can give their talent and energy voluntarily with a view to developing their service-mindedness to the community-at-large. The NCC recruits limited number of students to the Army and Naval Wings, and inculcates in them a sense of discipline and responsibility A separate Ladies’ Wing has now been opened.

The College Canteen: The canteen is run on a no-profit-no-loss basis and provides wholesome food in the afternoon (lunch) and eatables, and tea at other times.

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Poornaprajna College
Udupi – 576 101, Karnataka, India

Tel: 91 820 2520459


Poornaprajna Evening College is an institution managed by Sri Admar Mutt Education Council, Bangalore. Started in November 1966,this institution of higher educations blessed by the inspiring guidance of H. H. Sri Vibudesha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Admar Mutt, Udupi.

Like all the educational institutions managed by Sri Admar Mutt Education Council, Sri Poornaprajna Evening College also draws its inspiration from Sri Madhwacharya who with his dwaita philosophy, has enormously enriched the spiritual heritage of our country. In fact, “Poorna Prajna” is the other name given to Sri Madhawacharya. Poornaprajna means one who has attained full and perfect knowledge or awareness. Needless to say , the paramount endeavor of Poornaprajna institution is to create a real academic atmosphere so that the students are enabled to shape themselves into enlightened and responsible individuals making their own contributions to the glory of our great nation.

Poornaprajna Evening College
Udupi – 576 101, Karnataka, India
Tel: 91 820 2520459

Education institutions maintained and governed by
Sri Admar Mutt Education Council, Udupi


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