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Bharathiya Vikas Trust

Late Vasanthi A. Pai
Bharathiya Vikas Trust
Perampalli, Shivalli
Manipal- 576 102
Tel: 91 820 2570262, 2570263

A Dream….
Everybody has a dream

The farmer who wants to own a few acres of land. Or a ranchful of high-yielding milk animals. The rural development who wants to make good his life, learning new skills and employing himself productively. Or the woman who dreams of giving her children a decent life and education by finding ways to supplement her family income. To realise dreams, however, most of us needs a catalyst. A friend. A guide. And like all the multitudes it represents. the Bharathiya Vikas Trust also dares to dream. A dream of a strong vibrant and self-reliant rural India. To promote Education and Training that is relevant to its needs. To conduct research in matters related to the applied socio-economic life in its villages. To establish homes for the rural handicapped and to train them in productive vocations. Or to undertake any activity that can provoke the process of focused and sustainable development in such neglected regions.

Pursuing the dream…. 
Since its inception as a voluntary organization in 1978, the Bharathiya Vikas Trust (BVT), from its headquarters in Manipal in Udupi District of Karnataka State, has done some pioneering work in its surrounding areas. In the last two decades, it has successfully launched several Developmental programmes and projects with varied applications and relevance to these areas. These in turn have opened innumerable growth and employment possibilities for people living in rural India.

Over 1500 families have derived direct socio-economic benefits out of BVT’s vocational projects so far, certainly not a figure to be flaunted around.

But BVT derives immense satisfaction from the fact that it has been able to affect the lives of so many of their dependents. Children who never hopped to make it to school. Women who would have otherwise had little opportunity to actualize their potential. Helpless Young men and women who could only watch their hopes of employment dissolve into uncertainty.

Today the twinkle in their eye is a testimony of BVT’s resolve. The face that wears a smile lends value to its purpose. And credibility to its methods.

Yet the Bharathiya Vikas trust knows that it hasn’t treaded the chosen path alone. Government agencies, public and private companies, non-government organizations and countless individuals have lent support to its cause. BVT remains grateful to all of them.


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