Banking in Udupi


Udupi is the centre of banking activities. In the map of banking of the country, Udupi could be placed in significant place as the land the birth of two nationalised banks, the Corporation Bank and Syndicate Bank. The contribution Haji Abdullah Haji in building the Corporation Bank and Late T Upendra Pai and Dr T M A Pai,founders of Syndicate Bank gets worth mention here because of their contribution in upholding the lives of many poor people and encouraging rural banking activities. It gave employment opportunities to many unemployed youth and developed the habit of thrift among the poor people. In addition to these two banks, the land has gave birth to many non banking institutions. Co-operative Banks.

Now, all Nationalised and national level banks in the country have their branches here in Udupi here and have been giving good banking services. As a recent addition to the banking activities of the land, ICICI and Lord Krishna Banks have started their ATM services from Manipal.


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