Bhagavat Kalinga Navada

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Its ten years already since Kalinga Navada is not amidst us, but his soul is. Known for his melodious voice, modularities, and the depth, Kalinga Navada continues to live in peoples’ minds.

Born in a Bhagavat family, Navada inherited this art from his father Ramachandra Navada. Learning the art ranging from ‘Hoovina kolu’, ‘jaapu’ and ‘chchaapu’ of Yakshagana, he stepped into this creative art form. Within a brief span he was able to make good tunes, which attracted people. Imbibing the technicalities of music from the veteran Naranappa Uppoor and Ramachandra Navada, Kalinga Navada’s talent was appreciated by his fans and well wishers.

Kalinga was born in 1958 as the fifth son to Padmavathi and Ramachandra Navada at Gundmi (Kundapur Taluk). He was the Bhagavat in Uppoor’s troupe from 1971 to 1976 and in 1977 joined the Vijayashre Mela of Perdoor and became popular. From 1978, after he joined Saligrama Mela, there was no looking back for him for 13 years till 1990 during which period he reached his peak of success and popularity. But in 1990, destiny played the wrong tune in his life and his end came soon.

With a proper hold on theatre, Navada innovated new ragas to reduce the monotony and increase the attraction thus bringing a special effect in Yakshagana. With a fusion of new ragas like Revathi, Kalavathi, Chaand, and Bihag with old ones, Navada carved a special place for himself in this field.

Smt. Navada has been honouring three artistes every year (both Himmela and Mummela) from the past ten years in commemoration of her husband. A fitting tribute indeed to the doyen of Yakshagana who still lives in the memories of Yakshagana lovers.


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