Malpe Hridasa Ramdas Samaga



Sri Malpe Haridas Ramdas Samaga
25-38, Mudubettu
Kodavoor – 576 116

Born on 20th June 1926, son of Sri. Laxminarayan Samaga and Smt. Laxmi Devi Sri. Malpe Haridas Ramdas Samaga is a prominent personality in the field of Yakshagana. He began his career in the field of Yakshagana from his 21st year. His service to Suratkal, Shirsi, Amritheshwari, Koodlu, Perdoor and Karnataka Yakshagana Nataka Sabha during the period of these 32 years is enormous. Completing his metriculation in Christian High School, Udupi he got himself enrolled to the Sanskrit Maha Paatashala at Udupi. There he continued his studies until the Entrance Exam. This study of Sanskrit language provided a support for his Harikathas. He has been recognized as one of the great Sanskrit scholars and in recognition of his contributions and proficiency in Sanskrit the Government has honored him with a remuneration of Rs.500/- p. m.

He has been awarded by the Karnataka Tulu Academy Mangalore, Janapada Yakshagana Academy Bangalore and also by the general public on many occasions. A number of organizations also have bestowed him with awards. He was honored on the occasion of Udupi Utsava 2003

Sri. Shyam Bhat, Asst. Commissioner, Bangalore has bestowed on him an award consisting of a silver crown, a gold chain and an amount of Rs.10,000/- for his invaluable contribution in the field of Yakshagana

P Indira Madyastha