Madake/Clay Pots

Art & Culture

Potters wheel as everyone knows is used to make clay pots. Popularly called as Madake (pots used for cooking fish curry and other gravy) or Kudike (used for storing water, food grains etc) were used in the olden days.

A particular community of people called as ‘Kumbara’ make these pots and it is been followed through generations. The potters follow this tradition of making pots as a customary trade.

The pot making: In the olden days people used mud pots for all cooking and storing purposes but by the emergence of metal utensils have decreased the use of clay pots. The curries and vegetables made in these mud pots are very tasty and the water stored in clay jars remain cool not to forget the sweet smell of the clay.

It is really a wonder to see the lifeless clay gaining a beautiful shape in the hands of the potter. Well said by someone in praise of god ” You are the potter and I am the clay….”

The clay is moulded into required shape by the potter which is then baked in a mud oven. When the pots are rightly baked it gains good durability.

These pots are usually sold in small markets in the rural areas. The price of these pots vary according to their sizes. Big pots have value of about Rs. 50/-. Earlier in Udupi weekly markets these pots had lots of demand and whole row used be reserved for the sale of pots with people flocking to buy them. But recently the demand for these clay utensils have reduced as they are replaced by their aluminium and stainless steel substitutes. One can see the people filled in other grocery and vegetable shops but the potters section is almost deserted…

The clay moulding has other dimensions also like clay models, petty vases, show pieces etc. Let us support these potters by buying some clay wares. They are not only durable and hygienic but also have an aesthetic value.


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