Ummattat – Kodava Traditional Dance



Participants are exclusively women folk of Coorg ethnic. The myth says that on the occasion of ‘samudra manthan’ (churning motif) the distrubution of ‘amruta’ (nector) went in the hands of Vishnu who he appeared in the guise of ‘moohini’ (female roll). The replica of ‘moohini’ and  dance is today named as ‘ummattata’ in  the Kodava region.  Kodava  women folk wear  the Kodava national dress with jewellary ribben on the forehead and kunkum, holding the bross cymbals in their hands, in a swinging  rhythem they dance in the circle. At the centre one women stands with  a pot full of water who she represent water  diety ‘Kaveri’. Kodava  people  worship the ‘Kaveri Diety’ as their community goddess.